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Earnings Estimates for TikTokers - TikTok Stars

Personal finance influencer Preston Seo, who has 1.6 million TikTok followers, earned a total of about $1,664 from the Creator Fund between January 2021 to May 2021

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NRao Blogs - 6 July 2021


6 July 2021  

Method Study - Ralph M. Barnes - Important Points of Various Chapters

Lesson 36 -  Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course 

#IndustrialEngineering #Productivity #CostReduction #ContinuousImprovement

Collet for Corochuck 930 with Mechanical Locking - Productivity Improvement Use Case

Case Study 36 - Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course #IndustrialEngineering #Productivity #CostReduction #ContinuousImprovement

Passionate about Productivity, Industrial Engineering and Cost Reduction

#IndustrialEngineering #Productivity #CostReduction

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Billions Views Videos on YouTube


Social Media Day Greetings to All #Google #YouTube Employees - 30 June  #SocialMediaDay

7.421 Billion

5.366 Billion


3.328 Billion




1.637 Billion



Vaaste Song


Dilbar (Satyameva Jayate Film Song)


Management Theory Review Blog Registered 150,000 Page Views

21 March 2012

Happy to note that Management Theory Review Blog registered 150,000 page views today. Also daily page views have gone up to 2500 raising the possibility that monthly page views will also rise this month.

11 February 2016

Management Theory Review Blog  reached 1.5 million page views

Updated on 1 July 2021

Pub on 21 March 2012

Google Bloggers - New Community

Updated on 1 July 2021

Pub on 30 Jan 2021

Knol Open to Public Writing - Announcement - 23 July 2008

30 June 2021

Social Media Day Greetings to All #Google Former #Knol  Employees - 30 June  #SocialMediaDay

Official Blog

Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture

 Knol is open to everyone

 July 23, 2008

A few months ago we announced that we were testing a new product called Knol. Knols are authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects. Today, we're making Knol available to everyone.

The web contains vast amounts of information, but not everything worth knowing is on the web. An enormous amount of information resides in people's heads: millions of people know useful things and billions more could benefit from that knowledge. Knol will encourage these people to contribute their knowledge online and make it accessible to everyone.

The key principle behind Knol is authorship. Every knol will have an author (or group of authors) who put their name behind their content. It's their knol, their voice, their opinion. We expect that there will be multiple knols on the same subject, and we think that is good.

With Knol, we are introducing a new method for authors to work together that we call "moderated collaboration." With this feature, any reader can make suggested edits to a knol which the author may then choose to accept, reject, or modify before these contributions become visible to the public. This allows authors to accept suggestions from everyone in the world while remaining in control of their content. After all, their name is associated with it!

Knols include strong community tools which allow for many modes of interaction between readers and authors. People can submit comments, rate, or write a review of a knol. At the discretion of the author, a knol may include ads from our AdSense program. If an author chooses to include ads, Google will provide the author with a revenue share from the proceeds of those ad placements.

We are happy to announce an agreement with the
New Yorker m
agazine which allows any author to add one cartoon per knol from the
New Yorker
's extensive cartoon repository. Cartoons are an effective (and fun) way to make your point, even on the most serious topics.

Everyone knows something. See what people are writing about, then tell the world what you know:

Posted by Cedric Dupont, Product Manager and Michael McNally, Software Engineer

Knol Closure Announcement by Google

More spring cleaning out of season
November 22, 2011

Seth Godin - Supporting Wikipedia

25 November 2011
We had discomfort when Knol was launched. But quickly decided our users have not interest in. We continued to focus on our tribe and survived. But Google closed Knol.

Updated on 1 July 2021
Pub on 31 March 2019

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Top Knol Authors - Top Knollers

Top Knol Authors - Top Knollers

Top Knol Authors - Top Knollers

Top Knol Authors - 2009-10

eHowKnol registers millionth page view: eHowKnol: 1,004,247 page views. Congratulations ehowknol as well as all knol authors. Top 800 Knol authors based on page views. Attempt to provide information on a single knol. Goal of knol requires 1000 knol authors, each with 100,000 page views in a year.


Page First Posted on 11.11.2009
Ranks reflect that days posting
Search page

12 July 2020

About Knol Authors Current Blogs and Websites

P.V. Ariel


26 November 2011

1 to 50

eHowKnol registers millionth page view on 30.11.2009:
eHowKnol: 1,004,247 page views. Congratulations ehowknol as well as all knol authors.
1st rank: 1,004,000 page views;   2nd rank: 859,000 pv;  3rd rank: 590,000 pv
4th rank:495,000  50th rank: 118,000

51 to 65 (100,000 page view authors)

51: 118,000
64: 100,000

66 to 100

65: 99,000 pv;  100: 63,000 page views

101 to 147 (Above 50,000 page views authors)

101: 64,000
147: 50,000

148 to 150

148: 49,000 pv;  150: 48,000 page views
151 to 200
151: 46,000 page views

Weekly Page Views of Top 200 Authors

Weekly page views of top 200 authors 735,000
Now on 13.5.2010 we launched an initiative Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors. Presently number of authors with 100,000 page views has gone up to 124. We are tyring to help many more authors to cross the pv milestone by 30th June.  We will rewrite this knol after 30th June to give the new picture.
201 to 250
201: 38,000 pv
250: 30,000 pv
251 to 300
251: 27,000 pv
300: 23,000 pv
301 to 350
301: 23,000 pv
350: 20,000 pv
351: 20,000 page views
400: 18,000 pv
401: 19,000 pv
450: 17,000 pv
451: 17,000
500: 15,000
501: 15,000
550: 14,000
551: 14,000
600: 13,000
601: 13,000
650: 12,000

651 to 700

701 to 750

701: 11,000 pv
750: 10,000 pv 

751 to 800

751: 11,000 pv
800: sobha  11,000 pv
Related Knols


Welcome Murry Shohat to 100,000 page view author group

Welcome to Murry Shohat.
Narayana Rao - 01 Dec 2009

Three more authors joined 100,000 page view authors group.

Good for Knol. More and more authors are crossing knol marathon mile posts.

The new authors are Emily Kennard, Richard Pattison, and György Tausz,
Narayana Rao - 21 Nov 2009

Welcome Peter Greenfinch - 100,000 page view group

Happily welcome Peter Greenfinch whose portfolio now has 100,000 page views.
Narayana Rao - 18 Nov 2009

1000 * 1000 comments

1000 authors need to connect with 1000 authors through commenting.
(1000*999)comments will results.

999,000 comments will result. Lot of idea exchange and opinion exchange will take place that will increase author community cohesion, commitment and creativity.
Narayana Rao - 12 Nov 2009

50,000 Page Views

121 authors have 50,000 page views on 12.11.2009
Narayana Rao - 12 Nov 2009

100,000 page views

59 authors have 100,000 page views today. 11.11.2009

We have to encourage 1000 authors to have 100,000 page views.
Narayana Rao - 11 Nov 2009

Comment and Connect

1000 knols authors need to connect.
Commenting is a good way of connecting. If each author comments on at least three knols of other authors they can connect with 1000 authors in year.

Make a beginning.
Narayana Rao - 10 Nov 2009

1000 authors with minimum 100,000 page views for each

We need to work together to develop an author community.
We need to work together to develop 1000 authors with minimum 100,000 page views giving 100 million pages to the knol platform in a year.
Narayana Rao - 10 Nov 2009