Sunday, October 28, 2012

External Sites - Page Linking Policy

External Sites - Page Linking Policy for Blogs maintained by Narayana Rao

Linking to external sites and pages is an important activity as it promotes online content and makes more people aware of the content. Also references to online content is through links only.This is one way of social network content recommendation. There are many online articles which are good and appropriate to certain group of readers, but they do not get visitors because potential readers are unaware of them. Hence including links to external sites in both articles as well as bibliographies is an important online activity.

In our blogs, we provide external links as references and bibliographic collections. Also, Blog book collection is our way of collecting various online articles into chapters and  books on various subjects. But we take care to see that all external links are to content pages or sites that have copy right or permission to host the content. We make it a point to link to the sites of authors or publishers.

Videos are important online content now and they also suffer neglect as many readers are not ware of them. Providing links to videos or embedding videos is an important online activity. But we take care to see that links are provided or videos are embedded of YouTube Partners only. Otherwise, we check whether it is uploaded by an organization that has created the video itself. We take care all the care to see that only videos uploaded copyright holders are linked or embedded in blog posts. In case of any error, we remove the video or the post at the earliest.

We provide links to Google Books pages, as it provides preview facility and some books are of full view and they are helpful to learners and faculty members. Main focus of our blogs is education even though there are blogs catering to some leisure time and fitness activities that are essential to all learners.

We will not link to any site that expressly prohibits linking to it.

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