Friday, April 1, 2016

Build and Develop Google+ Page for Your Blog - Blog Promotion

Google+ pages provide excellent promotional avenue for your blog. You need to be present on four to five social media platforms to do adequate social media promotion to your blogs.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Email can be the five options. YouTube is also an important option because, it allows you to embed videos in your blog post.

Creating a Google+ page is easy. But promoting it can be a difficult part. You need to share it initially on your personal profile and get the early followers. For some topics, there can an increase in followers in due course of time. I got good followers numbers for some pages on Google+ as well as FaceBook. So I encourage you to open Google+ page and use it to promote your blog.

The likes or followers of the Social Media pages have a value. I shall discuss the issue in a separate article later in A to Z posts. So making your Google+ page popular has value which will accrue to your through your blog in later years.

On Google+ my page on Bollywood Videos is the most popular page.

I made a schedule of activities for promoting blog  for 365 days of the year.  Promoting the pages also is required and has to be included in these activities.

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Do you want share any article that you liked about Google+ pages. Please add to the knowledge of bloggers.


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