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Packaged Drinking Water/ Mineral water Manufacture Project Report - Business Plan India

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Global Professors of Excellence - Educating Billions in One-to-One Mode - New Internet Global Education Model

22 August 2016

Support to What Narayana Rao said in 2011

You get one solid lecturer and put it up online and have everybody available to that knowledge for a whole lot cheaper? U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis are Transforming Online Learning
31 July 2016


I said it on 9 Sep 2011
Teacherless tuitions

Now Financial Express carried an article on 3 June 2016
After driverless cars, teacherless tuitions!

Lectures online.
Only tutorials based on online assessments to be faculty lead - Experiment at CMU

The Future of Learning
- How do we create tomorrow's entrepreneurs?
- How does our learning system need to adapt??

A unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, world-leading experts and key opinion leaders will meet participants face-to-face and online for a day of discussions at Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

Watch the Live Streaming of Conference on 5 November 2015   1.30 pm to 5.30 pm Singapore Local Time.

Updated: 7.5.2012

Technologies Disrupting the Current Education Model

Cloud computing, Video steaming - YouTube technology, and Listening/Talking Computer - IBM Watson Supercomputer to give the new global model of internet based learning model wherein all learners can learn from Global Professors of Excellence.


New Internet Global Excellence Education Model.

Now the technological developments are ready to develop a new internet global excellence education model. We can have global professors of excellence lecture to anybody in the world on one to one basis and then clarify their doubts one one-to-one basis and examine them at their convenience with super computer acting as the facilitating intermediary.
(Idea posted first on 9 September 2011)

Video lectures by the best faculty will be the basis of education. These video lectures are supported by super computers with listening/talking capabilities and doubts of students will be answered by these supercomputers on one-to-one basis. The video lecture is also delivered to each student on one-to-one basis. The faculty support will be there to improve the capability of the computer based interaction package of the subject.

Thus we will see only limited video lectures being used through out world just like the limited number of textbooks used throughout the world now. (10.11.2011)

Technologies to be used

Cloud computing
(Cloud Computing - News and Knols )
Video steaming - YouTube technology
Listening/Talking Computer - IBM Watson Supercomputer
( IBM Watson - The IBM Super Computer  )

Learn Strategic Management from Michael Porter - Free - New Internet Global Education Model

Learn Marketing Management from Philip Kotler - Free - New Internet Global Education Model

Do We require Colleges and Institutes in Various Cities and Towns?

We may still require colleges and institutes to provide a schedule to learners. But learners may miss the schedule and can go through the lecture on their computer. Unless they go through the lecture they cannot write the examination. Also local institutes will provide counselling service and take care of practical work. Local faculty now can focus more on providing practical application education. Theoretical knowledge is delivered through central lectures.

Implementation of National Professors of Excellence in India

India is implementing a programme to provide video lectures of top professors of the country to all learners in the country.
Visit the video lecuture on Time Series analysis by Mumbai University initiative.


Initiatives by Top Institutes to claim Global Professors of Excellence Ranking

May 2012

Harvard and MIT Put $60-Million Into New Platform for Free Online Courses

March 2012

Stanford University March 2012 Stanford has offered free courses online and is happy with the enrolment. Now it is offering five more courses.
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Natural Language Processing
Game Theory Probabilistic
Graphical Models

Carnegie Mellon University

Free Online Courses to Worldwide Students by Standford Professors


Videos Related to Internet Based Education Models

More videos and ideas at



Bibliography - Internet - Online - E-learning  Education Models

University of People

A Model for Online Interactive Remote Education for Medical Physics Using the Internet

Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, Volume 30, 2003
Jerry Gosen, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, Volume 30, 2003

Google search link for internet education models


Bibliography on Speech Processing

Bibliography on Listening of Human Speech by Computers

Teaching computers to listen at Dartmouth - Professor Michael Casey

Speaking and listening to computer
2006, James Larson,

Bibliography on Talking by Computers


Bibliography - Text Mining

Semantic Mapping - Knol  National Centre for Text Mining


Discussion Related to the New Internet Global Education Model in Social Media

In Google+
Using more than a decade of research, a start-up company is taking computer-generated news articles to a more sophisticated level
My comment
Well yesterday only I thought of the internet education model. One top professor teaching everybody in the world with the assistance of IBM Watson listening/talking super computer and video streaming. I also thought of the question paper set by the professor. Now computers can create even case studies for examination paper purpose and can correct them.

Global Professors of Excellence - Educating Billions in One-to-One Mode - New Internet Global Education Model

Thanks for sharing
Related comment
Sounds good. Instead of students paying cheat sites for essays they can look forward to using software. Cheaper, better, faster!
My comment in reply
Technology may facilitate copy paste, but it may be used to constrain and provide focus to the learner also. One idea I am thinking for scheduled learning is terminals that show only the scheduled lecture and nothing else during the scheduled learning period. The terminals can have cameras and thereby one can understand the listening and viewing habits of the learners. Learners can be asked to submit assignments through softwares that automatically track every site visited by the learner during assignment preparation period and hence whether he copy pasted or summarized the content can be assessed. Even copy paste can be suppressed by the software and hence the learner is forced to type the essay himself. All this you are doing to ensure the learner assimilates the material to be learned. The e-learning content is always present to provide him opportunity to access it as many times he wants to.

I think the digital technologies are certainly plus for the learning process.

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Free Online Courses to Worldwide Students by Standford Professors 

Artificial Intelligence - YouTube Video Series - Collection 

YouTube Channel for Teachers - YouTube Facilitating Learning and Teaching Through Videos

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Are You Promoting Your Blog on Your Owned Online Real Estate Only - It is a Big Mistake

Ryan Biddulph  wrote this point in

If you are only using your blogs and social media profiles, you are ignoring a big online space which can be yours if you make some effort. Comment on others blogs, write guest posts, share others' social media posts and comment on them.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cumulative Visits for A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2016 Posts

NRao Blogs - 2016 A to Z Challenge Blog Posts

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016 - Reflection by NRao

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1st April Morning:  917
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26 March 2016  :  531

I can expect 5000 hits by end of the event. Only 50% of the target is reached. But I was busy during the month with other activities related to the job.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

A to Z of Blog Promotion and Marketing Using Search Engines and Social Media


New Additions to the collection

5 Common Blogging Mistakes Which Will Haunt You

Are You Promoting Your Blog on Your Owned Online Real Estate Only - It is a Big Mistake

Other New Additions to the collection

The posts in this challenge are part of BLOG PROMOTION TIPS series posts

Getting Traffic to Blog - Essential Activity of Bloggers Along with Writing.

100+ Things to Do to Promote Your Blog and Increase Visitors

Blog Promotion Series - 

A to Z  Blog Promotion Strategies and Tactics - A Collection From Blogosphere


1. Access Top 10  Posts of My Blog
Are You Promoting Your Blog on Your Owned Online Real Estate Only - It is a Big Mistake


2. Build and Develop Your Google+ Page
Blogger Outreach: How to Get Influencers to Promote Your Content for Free
Blog Production and Marketing – Trade Guide  - Daily Paper from Paper.Li


4. Communicating About Your Blog on  Twitter


5. Do You Participate Actively in Your Linkedin Commuity? and other communities
Developing a Social Media Strategy For Bloggers & Writers


6. Energize Your Google+ Community


7. Facebook Communities Can Make Very Good Contribution - Other Online Communities also.


8. Go Once in a While to Others' Blogs and Know What They Are Doing in Innovative Way


9. Hoising Your Google+ Pages
How To Promote Your Blog With 105 Content Promotion Tactics
Help people find your blog
How We Grew Our Website Traffic By 5,000%+ In 3 Months (With Zero Advertising)
How To Make And Repurpose Evergreen Content
How to Get to Know Your Readers (and Give them What they Want)

11. Interact with Your Twitter Followers

12. Journalise Your Involvement in Linked Communties

13. Kinship and Tribes in  Google+ Community

14. Likes of FaceBook - Value

15. Make Comments in YouTube videos related to your blogs

16. Notify Your Blog Posts in Social Media

18. Offer Your Comments to the Tweets of People You Follow.

19. Publicize Your Community Relevant Posts in Linkedin Communities

20. Quotes Are Appreciated in Google+ Communities, FaceBook and Linkedin

21. Recognize the Best Efforts of Community Members in FaceBook  Communities, Google+ and Linkedin
Research Reveals Success Tactics of Top Bloggers: 11 Trends


23. Toast to Your Blog Posts in  Social Media Pages
The Science of Blog Post Promotion [Infographic]
The Day After: 11 Things to Do After You Publish a Post
Toast to Your Top Blog Posts Every Year
The role of technical SEO

25. Understand You Twitter Followers

26. Visit Your Linkedin Communities and Learn From Them - Appreciate The Persons Who Made Good Posts

27. Wonderful Results from Google+ Community Blog Promotion

28. X-factors in Blog Success

29. Yorkers in Blog Promotion

30. Zeal Required in Blogging to Make it a Success

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100+ Blogging Tools For 2016, Categorized

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