Sunday, August 25, 2013

Interesting Students Song - Sote Hai Bindas

Published in Planet Thane 24 August to 30 August 2013

Hum honge all pass
Hum honge all pass
ek din, ho ho

sote hai bindas
Likhte hai bakwas
Karte hai timepass
Fir bhihai vishwass...
Marks milenge jhakkas..
ek din, ho ho

Monday, August 5, 2013

25 Million Online Visitors - Forbes Model

During this same period, our monthly post count fell to 7,100 from 7,300, yet our audience rose nearly 5 million.

FORBES was transitioning from a Web site to a brand-building platform for expert voices.

1100 contributors

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tuition System in South Korea - Hagwons - Mumbai Following Suit

Tutoring services are growing all over the globe, from Ireland to Hong Kong and even in suburban strip malls in California and New Jersey. Sometimes called shadow education systems, they mirror the mainstream system, offering after-hours classes in every subject—for a fee. But nowhere have they achieved the market penetration and sophistication of hagwons in South Korea, where private tutors now outnumber schoolteachers.

Mumbai has a similar tutoring system now. Students go to public schools in the morning and go to tuition schools in the night.

Tumblr Takes Down a Popular Blogger

The content of a popular blogger who goes by the name Bohemea was taken down by Tumblr.