Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Management Gurus do to succeed?

Read a HBR blog post by H. James Wilson on "The Guru's Guide to Creating Thought Leadership"

You need to be relevant to current ideas.
Your ideas must contribute to current objectives or current concerns.
You must be able to link old thought and with the new idea.
You have to be at appropriate time in the idea cycle as managers are trying to solve the current problem of focus.

They say even bloggers have to practice it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ISP's to Monitor File Sharing and Penalize Users?

Music, Films and TV Program producers and distributors are embracing digital media in a big way but are fighting simultaneously to protect their present channels also. They know that their models have to change as cost of duplicating content and transmitting it  has come down drastically in the internet world. But as yet, they have not found a solution that is destroying their current margins and profits. Files can be more easily shared on internet and banning file sharing through agreements is a not a real solution. That is where free website models have done great service to the society.

There needs to be technology that does not create a file when transmitting film, music or tv program on internet. Then a subscriber can only watch a film on his computer and can't create a file and transfer. But such a technology is not there and people are downloading YouTube videos.

The Films association of America is trying to get into an agreement with Internet Service Providers to monitor users' file sharing and penalise them for sharing files with copyright content.

Read Wharton's article for more details

Friday, November 16, 2012

2 Million AdSense Accounts for 7 Billion Population - Is It Ok?


Currently Adsense home page says there are 2 million+ AdSense publishers.

The World population is now 7 billion.
Internet users 2.405 billion. (  )

This gives 1200 internet users for one account. Can they give reasonable income?

Average American internet user is spending 8 to 10 hours per day online. 80% is spent in mail, facebbook, Twitter and Search. Only 20% is spent for content reading for leisure. May be it means, 80% of the time is spent for business reasons or business related transactions and only 20% is spent for leisure transctions. During leisure time he may visit about 15 pages. The pages may contain 2 to 3 ads per page. ATKearney estimates that it will translate to 6 cents per users at $1.80 per 1000 ad impressions.

This means that average site can have 7200 cents per day, which is 72 dollars per day. It is plausible if 1200 visitors are visiting 18,000 pages a day. Or it can be interpreted that on an average the adsense publishers can have 18,000 page views per day. Interesting number.

Trillion web pages indexed by Google in 2008

Montly unique visitors to US Retail sites

2009 report
September 2009
Internet users visits average 2,645 pages in a month

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Creation and Evolution - Both Processes Exist at the Same Time

God and Nature have a relation. Most of the religions make God supreme and state that God controls nature. In Hindu religion, nature frequently goes to God to seek his help. But, it is nature that makes soul to live in it as a living being. Soul has to escape the viles of nature to trap it and make his a part of it. So nature has its own laws and God has his own laws. So it is triangular game with free will or limited free will of each living being and unlimited powers of God and Nature.

Accepting evolution and even forced evolution when man is able to create many hybrid living beings, is not a problem. But that still does not rule out the creation by God at an ancient time or even now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Democracy 2015 - An Interesting Election and Political Initiative in UK

Andreas Whittam Smith, founder of the independent announced a plan for new political movement and party in UK for 2015 elections.

It is an interesting initiative. Read more about it.

5 September 2012 article.

A site - but not active now

Twitter Account - Active 14.11.2012

An official campaign video


Uploaded by Democracy 2015

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Online Retailing in USA and World

What is the world GDP in 2011?

$69.9 trillion

What is USA's GDP in 2011?

$15.07 trillion

What is China's GDP in 2011?
$7.29 trillion

What is Japan's GDP in 2011?
$5.86 trillion

What is Germany's GDP in 2011?
$3.60 tn

What is France's GDP in 2011?
$2.77 tn

What is Brazil's GDP in 2011?
$2.49 tn

What is UK's GDP in 2011?

What is Italy's GDP in 2011?
$2.19 tn

What is Russia's GDP in 2011?
$1.85 tn

What is India's GDP in 2011?
$1.82 tn

What is retail sales in USA in 2011?

$4.7 trillion
For forecasts of six month ahead sales visit
December 2012 sales forecasted at $470 billion

What is online retail sales in USA in 2011?

Online retail sales or E-commerce topped $200 billion in 2011.

It will go up to $327 billion dollars by 2016 forecasted Forrester. Its share is 7% presently. Will go up to 9% by 2016.
In 3 of the 30 retail categories presently online sales are above 20%.
It is expected that 8 categories will have above 20% online sales by 2016.

Online sales format and experience in 2012 and likely format and experience in 2020.
PWC 2012 report -

In India in 2011-2012 online retailing is $10 billion in around $750 billion retail sales. By 2020, online retail is projected to be $200 billion dollar. A big increase in 8 years. Online retailing is a growth business in India.

Top 100 retailers
Walmart tops the list with $316 billion in USA and $453.9 billion worldwide.
Kroger is the second with 85.49 billion in USA.

Top 50 online retailers in USA September 2012
Amazon tops the list
Walmart second

A report on Cyber Monday - Monday after Thanksgiving Day in November

Sunday, November 4, 2012

History of Islam

Restatement of History of Islam is an effort of the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP).