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Are Page Views Low to Your Blogs? Some TIPS to Increase Page Views

Tips to increase page views to your articles and blogs

Do you think page views to your blogs are low?
Your content needs to be read by many more people?
You need some tips.

11 Techniques to Increase Visitors and Page Views
15 more Tips to Increase your visitors and page views
Increasing page views to a million

Are you writing knols to share your knowledge?

Have you written a good article according to your assessment?

Do you think page views to your knols are low?

Your content needs to be read by many more people?

Can you do something about it?

Are they simple?

Do they work?

Yes, there are some simple actions that you can take. They do work. In the sense, if you do not implement them, the chances are that your work goes unnoticed. Take up those actions, and the chances that your content is accessed by many and evaluated for its usefulness increases.

Why page views are low to my blog posts?

Because interested readers do not even know they exist.  Promote your blog post. The immediate step after posting a blog post  is promoting it. .

Why readers do not know?

Because they come to an online article though search engines.

I am posting on Knol. Does it not mean that all search engines in the world index my knol?
Good question. Yes. even if you posted on Knol search engines will not index it. Even Google will not index it. Search engines index an article more quickly if they come across an article in another articles that their bot is crawling. So if simple post the article, search engines will not come to your article, unless a link to that article is there in another article that is indexed by the search engine.

Does it mean links to my article from another article is very important?

Yes, It seems to be the logic in search indexing.

How do I create such extra links?

You can give Twitter message.
You can make a Facebook message saying that you just posted an article.
You can make an entry in Linkedin communities.
You can make an entry in Orkut communities or status update.
You can make an entry your blog
You can make an entry in Google Buzz

What is the benchmark for page views?

Are you getting one page view per day in Knol counter readings. If you are getting you can consider yourself as an average author. Many are not getting even one page view per day for their knols and they do not bother. Authors who are posting only to get a link on Knol platform will not bother about page views. They are happy that they posted a link on Knol platform.  But there are knols with with 1000 page views per day. There are many knols with 100 page views per day. And there are still many with 10 page views per day.

Are you using category facility of Knol?
Use the category facility. Your knol will have better chance of getting indexed if you specify categories. Many knol authors are not using category facility and may be missing indexing by search engines. Search engines like multiple paths to the same article to index it.

Create Bookmarks on Social Bookmarking sites
Google's search engine page rank depends on backlinks. Even if your knol is indexed it will not appear high in search results unless it has good page rank and page rank comes because of backlinks. Who will create them for your knol? First you have to create them. Then somebody may like it, digg it, favorite it etc. But you have to create it first. Go to sites like, etc. and create book marks.
For more on link building:

"Many people say they don’t have time to arrange their keywords carefully and submit their pages to search engines and directories. I posit that it is more important to get your pages listed properly than to create them in the first place."  [Source: ]

You are sending twitter messages, posting in forums, creating book marks, making blog entries, creating categories. But you are still not getting visitors. May be your content in demand. As you know, if people are searching for the information that you are providing, no body will come despite your promotion efforts. Find out the key words which are being used most often by search users and try to write articles/knols on those topics. You have to write on issues that people want to read.

How to Make a Blog That Will Beat Wiki in its Niche Area?

Think of using the ideas for your knol writing.

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6 June 2017

Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin Communities Can Make Very Good Contribution to Your Blog Success

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Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin Communities Can Make Very Good Contribution to Your Blog Success

FaceBook and Linkedin (also Google+) communities can make very good contribution to your blog traffic. Even though in earlier days I have not found much traffic from these communities, I observe in recent days good number of visits from FaceBook Communities.

One needs to select a community which is relevant to the blog and become a participant of the community. One need not repeat often that only very relevant posts get the response. Just because you are posting a link does not mean traffic. There are many more bloggers out there in the community doing same. So You need to plan your promotion effort. I am going to say in the later post specially that one has to understand the needs of the members of a community. Understanding the needs of potential consumers is marketing. In product marketing we specially emphasize marketing concept. It is valid in blogging also. If you can find out what readers want and then write your blog will be read by large number of people. But then also you need a vehicle through which you can communicate that you have a blog and made such and such blog post. Say understanding the requirement does not mean that you will not communicate with the potential readers further. You need to inform them and show the way to access your content. That means that you have to share the link.

I did read some blogger saying they get more than 50% of visits from social media. Now I am also getting similar visits on some days or weeks.

For the Blog Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center

Referring Sites



You can see the contribution of FaceBook and Linkedin this week ending 5 May 2016

For the day 26 May 2016, the contribution of FaceBook community to Industrial Engineering Blog is
308 hits

One more instance where hits from FaceBook communities were significant

Blog India Information  for the 4 June 2016


But bloggers have to participate actively and understand the community's needs.

Do You Participate Actively in Your Linkedin Commuity? -Blog Promotion Activity

Recognize the Best Efforts of Community Members in FaceBook Communities

Visit Your Linkedin Communities and Learn From Them - Appreciate The Persons Who Made Good Posts

5 June 2017

More than 900 visits from FaceBook

Today I saw more than 900 visits to my blog Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center  Industrial Engineering Blog   from FaceBook.  I have to reiterate the point. Do good social media marketing. Develop your relationship with communities. Try and write relevant content. You can expect good response. I got good response not only from a specific community and but from my page on FaceBook on Industrial Engineering. So develop your pages on FaceBook and Google+.

10 July 2016
Today I came across a post on utilizing Google+ communities for Blog Promotion. I recommend the blog post to all bloggers. It has ideas from more than 35 bloggers. But go through all of them to get convinced of the importance of Google+ and know more acceptable ways of sharing your blog posts.
One person says 80 - 20 is the rule. You have to share 80% others posts and 20% your posts. At least we have to do 50 - 50. So remember every time you share your blog post, share a post of a member from the community. Also share some interesting article from other sites. Such a discipline may make it 66 - 33 and it may be good.

35+ Bloggers Share Their Top Secret Strategies for Google+ Traffic

My twitter account  @knoltweet   Follow me and I shall follow back and we can continue the AtoZ relationship on Twitter.

It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
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Basic Understanding of Basics of Marketing will make you a better marketer of your blog.

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