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Engineering Education - Reforms - Reports

Engineering Technology Education
Report by National Research Council (U.S.). Subcommittee on Engineering Educational Systems. Panel on Technology Education, 1985 

Restructuring Engineering Education: A Focus on Change
Report of NSF workshop, 1995

Google Doodle for Various Days and Occasions

Jan - March
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Google Social Mail - Now Available as Google+

Google Social Mail - The Concept

Google mail is not integrated with Orkut. Similarly Google did not use its mail to promote its social products. Google was not comfortable in using its mail facilities to promote its social products. But social networking platforms like Facebook, and Twitter used email accounts and facilities to make their products popular. Their argument was that user is giving the email account to them to send emails to his inbox. But the reality is that email boxes are getting choked by mails being generated by social networks.

Google is trying its best to get into social products and tools. Google Social Mail can solve certain problems and also facilitate Google's social product portfolio.

Google social mail is generated by each gmail user and will be used to register with various social networks. Even if a user uses regular gmail account, a default social mail account will be generated and mails of social networks will be diverted to that mail. Social mail can be accessed only from regular email like the Google Buzz facility.

Google need not hesitate to integrate social mail with orkut. Social mail inboxes can be cleared after every six months and the user can be given notice to mark important mails as important and these will be preserved and rest of the mails of a month can be cleared after six months. This will reduce the clutter in the inboxes.

The regular mail will have only really important correspondence and users will have better access to their important correspondence as routine social mail is stored in social mail account.

Google can integrate its social products and allow the users the option of various levels of integration. For instance Google groups and orkut can be integrated. An orkut group can also function as Google group. A Google group can also function as Orkut group. It is left to the option of the owner of the group. Any new social product of Google can be integrated with other social products if such a possibility exists. Orkut now has public personal messages from orkut users and they can be aggregated into a twitter like service. Buzz-messages. The Buzz messages can be recirculated or I-buzzed.  The present Buzz can be used Buzz-discussion. Around social mail, Google can introduce many social products and integrate them and them and link all services to social mail.

The social mail inbox can have folder for each social network of the user and can provide connect button to each network also. This will make accessing various sites very easy for the gmail user.


Media on Social Mail and  Social Products


Media on Social Mail and Social  Products  - Links



Yahoo upgrades its mail - Social networking facilitated, May 24, 2011

Google makes Gmail social – but not annoying – with people widget

Sparrow 1.2 is the World's First Social Email client.

Social Yahoo Mail
10 January 2008

Inbox 2.0: Yahoo and Google to turn Email into Social Network
13 November 2007


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The Achievement of Obama - An Individual Rising to the Level of Creator

Barrack Hussein Obama is 44th US President
This is the headline of a newspaper (6 November 2008, India).
"Your victory has shown that no person should not dare to dream wanting to change the world." Said Nelson Mandela.
"Aham Brahmaasmi," " I am the Brahma," "I am the Creator this universe." This is a statement from Hindu scriptures. In Hindu scriptures, there are stories or instances of people who created universes.
What happened in US now happened in various countries earlier. In India, there was a slave dyansty, a series of kings, all of them being slaves first in their life.
But something happening before our eyes gives us the real confidence and energy to try to create change.
Our appreciation to Obama for his effort. Our appreciation to US citizens for their decision.
India also has the opportunity of doing similar thing. In mythology or recorded history there were many instances of injustices. At various points of time, people realize it and try to make amends. In the society corrupting influences are there. There are also influences that increase moral acts. We have to appreciate the election of Barrack Obama as President as a moral act that may set in motion such events in various countries. The rise of underendowed persons against all handicaps. In this rise their efforts are now doubt there, but there is also the enabling social environment.
An appeal is made in one of the papers, to Indian leaders to emulate Obama and become inclusive leaders who talk of their capabilities in election speeches rather than that of their caste affiliation. Obama did not win because he is a black. Obama won because he is the right candidate.
Obama's win should inspire many underendowed persons all over the world. Dream and do the effort. You may achieve it. God in on the side of people who make efforts (Yajna is the word used for all noble undertakings in Vedas). Do Yajnas with noble goals. Make the world a happy place physically and mentally.

Personal Biography(1)

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Ann Dunham, a white student from Kansas, and Barack Obama Senior, a black student from Kenya.  Obama's parents divorced and he stayed with his mother in Hawaii until she remarried an Indonesian and the family relocated to Indonesia in 1967.  In 1971, Obama moved back to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents and pursue his education domestically.  He remained in Hawaii until he graduated high school in 1979.

Obama met his wife, Michelle Robinson, in 1989 and they were married in 1992.  Their oldest daughter, Malia Ann, was born on July 4, 1998 while their younger daughter, Natasha (Sasha) was born in 2001.



Interesting to Read

What is the problem with apologizing for slavery and racism?

Lord Save us From Your Followers - A Documentary Film

I came to know about this film through a blog on the documentary film in my search on North Central College, Naperville, Illionois,  Website .
The blogger wrote:
It is a controversial and informative film with its basis in the fact that many Christians in today’s world have been going about living their faith on a day to day basis in a not so Christ like manner. The film quotes Gandhi, as saying “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ” and in my opinion, this is a great summary of the film in general.
It’s stressing the fact that we as Christians are not living like the Christ we proclaim to follow. Many times we choose to ignore the problems that would greatly disturb Jesus, and do not treat the people Jesus would most likely be friends with if He were here today with any respect or kindness. In essence, this film “explores the collision of faith and culture in America”. Again in this documentary, big names such as Al Franken, Rick Santorum, Bono, as well as many more voice their opinions on the matter. Whether you are a Christian or not, this is a great documentary to view that brings to light many of the shortcomings of today’s Christianity.
I think the statement applies to many religions. Most of the founders of religions are kind people. They showed love and affection for the poor and downtrodden. They might have resisted the attempts of the powerful to oppress the weak. But now wars are fought in the name of religion and whole regions are put in a state of conflict, pain and destruction.
Any further information on the documentary is welcome. The documentary can be extended to comments from people of many religions.

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Most Popular Online Articles by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

Page View Record of Narayana Rao

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. is a million page view Knol Author. His monthly page views are now around 113,500 in Google Analytics data.

The Marketing Concept - Kotler 66,970 pv on Knol

Popular Knols - Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - List 3
List of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
List-2 of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.


Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

50 knols with more than 5000 page views
500 knols with more than 1000 page views
800 knols with more than 500 page views   


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Internet - Digital Broadband Channel for Motion Films - Movies

Time has come to develop an internet channel for motion films. On this channel producers must be able to release the film along with the release in theaters. The money is collected for viewing the film in the initial period through advance booking. The required bandwidth for satisfying any among of demand can be provided through cloud computing infrastructure. If more people book the movie more bandwidth is provided and less number of people book the movie less bandwidth is provided.

Technology companies are doing their efforts to improve various aspects so that internet digital movie channel provides the same quality as television or cable channel.

This white paper by Microsoft described the features of Windows 9 that make internet digital movie channel deliver more quality.

Hollywood production houses have realized this long back. Two ventures were announced in 2001. Moviefly and You can read about Moviesfly and in this information week article.

Related Articles
Movie industry unable to innovate and come out with new model - the result is SOPA

In this article on Read Write Web, it is stated that Movie industry made #30 billion in box-office receipts and $87 billion in total receipts.

If a digital channel is opened and every day 100 million watch the movies on the first day of its release by paying $1, the industry can get $100 million a day and that amounts to $36,500 million a year or $36.5 billion a year. How much of it will be incremental revenue and how much will be cannibalized from existing revenues is a question for further estimation. But the market size is substantially big for film industry to innovate.

Statistics about film industry 2010 - MPAA (USA)
About Film Halls in London (2009 article)  Cheaptest one pound to expensive 30 pounds

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Building the Learning Team: Faculty, Staff, and Students Working Together

____________________ ____________________

Universal Learning Design: Empowering the Next Generation - YouTube Video

____________ ____________

Ratcliff - Digital Photography - Talk at Google - YouTube Video

________________ ________________

September 2011

Advance One Time Payment for Digital Content - A Possible Payment Model for Digital Content

Content publishers and distributors want the Congress of USA to pass a law to protect their income stream for years. The digital technology has enabled certain practices which are making the earlier copy right concept obsolete and uneconomical. Society has to think of new models of digital content creation and distribution. The basis of  current models of content creation and distribution is destroyed and the current businesses are only trying to salvage the situation for their benefit. Digital content distribution capability can be monetized. Like Wikipedia, donations can be raised to create and distribute content. Commercial and government organizations can finance their digital content sites. Government and Philanthrophic organizations can finance third party sites. Digital content can be easily copied and distributed across net. This makes digital content available to many people and thus it is good for the society as a whole. But popular content creators need huge amounts of money and there has to be ways in digital content distribution to provide money producers of content. Advance payment for digital content could be one option. In this option, producer gets his main money through advance payments that are made before the release of the content. Thus a film has an assured income stream for its first world wide digital screening. A book has its assured income stream from readers who make an advancement payment. A news paper or a magazine has the assured income from its subscribers to the digital content. Once the content is released into the digital space further monetization is uncertain. Then onwards distribution takes over and the space becomes free for all and income opportunity becomes very small.

So the content producers have to make money from the one time distribution event over which they have control.

SOPA is an ill-thought move. To protect 180 Hollywood producers, US Congress should not stifle the 180+ million digital content creators. US Congress must support  content creation  under creative commons rather than promoting unsustainable copy right content under SOPA.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Law Thinkers and Law Makers - Different Roles

Democratic societies have parliaments or legislatures for making laws. The laws makers or legislators are elected persons. There are aptly called representatives of people and their job is to represent the desires of people. The desire for a law emanates from people and the legislatures pool the thoughts of a large number of people through the discussions of various members in the legislatures and craft the final piece of legislation.

Most of the times, the legislators are not the original thinkers of the laws. The original thinker may be somebody and the thought spreads among people for quiet sometime before it becomes visible as the desire of significant number of people and reaches the legislator as an issue to be evaluated for further action. Legislators can't tell not to think about the law and requirement of a new laws or repeal of old laws. Law is not the exclusive prerogative of legislators.

This issue came to the surface recently in India, in the case of anti-corruption law. There is movement demanding enactment of anti-corruption law in the form a "Lokpal" institution and the people spearheading the movement created a draft law. The legislators felt offended and said law making is their prerogative. Yes, law making is their prerogative. But not thinking about the need for new laws and for the repeal of old laws. Law thinkers come from people and they present their case though various channels. It is no doubt the law makers through the power delegated to them through the voting process enact the final laws.

The issue now comes up to the fore in USA in the context of SOPA and PIPA bills. The people who are advocating for the passing of these bills seem to be content creators and publishers of the content. Most importantly it is the publishers of the content who are making a plea for such acts. But as we see in the various social networks, bulk of the people are against laws. Are law thinkers against such laws in USA as well as all over the globe. Internet made millions of people content creators and brought in new publishing platforms. The existing business models of publishing are losing their relevance and laws to continue these outdated publishing models are not desired by people.

Related material

Guide to Natural law and Natural Rights

Particles travelling at speed higher than light - Observation - 2011

CERN Press Release dt. 23 September 2011

The OPERA experiments have a result to report. The result is based on the observation of over 15000 neutrino events measured at Gran Sasso (receiving station of neutrinos), and appears to indicate that the neutrinos travel at a velocity 20 parts per million above the speed of light, nature’s cosmic speed limit. Scientists announced that given the potential far-reaching consequences of such a result, which is contrary to existing theory,  independent measurements are needed before the observed effect can either be refuted or firmly established. 

The paper can be downloaded:

The seminar given by the scientists on 23.9.2011 can be accessed through video streaming at:

Critical comments on the results.

SuperNova Event Data contradiction

Quasicrystals - The Concept of Dan Shechtman in Chemistry

The Nobel Prize 2011 Winning Concept - Quasicrystals

Original article by Dan Shechtman and others, Fascinating Quasicrystals, Interviews, Videos

Nobel Prize News

The original article of three pages can be viewed in

We conclude that icosahedral phase is a truly metastable phase which nucleates and grows for a range of cooling rates which are slow enough to prevent crystallization, either from the melt or from the icosahedral phase after its formation.

Related Papers

Steurer, Walter and Deloudi, Sofia, "Fascinating Quasicrystals", Acta Crystallographica,  2008, A64, 1-11

Mathematics related to quasicrystals
A periodic tiling

Definition of Crystal:
The IUCr Ad Interim Commission on Aperiodic Crystals published a working definition
(International Union of Crystallography, 1992): ‘‘by ‘crystal’ we mean any solid having an essentially discrete diffraction diagram, and by aperiodic crystal we mean any crystal in which three-dimensional lattice periodicity can be considered to be absent. As an extension, the latter term will also include those crystals in which three-dimensional periodicity is too weak to describe significant correlations in the
atomic configuration, but which can be properly described by crystallographic methods developed for actual aperiodic crystals.’’

Recently, the discussion on the crystal definition has been resumed because the term ‘essentially discrete diffraction diagram’ was found too vague for a definition (see Steurer, 2007a; Lifshitz, 2007; Ben
Abraham, 2007; Baake & Frettlo¨ h, 2007; Senechal, 2007; Janssen, 2007; Zimmermann, 2007).
(From: Steurer, Walter and Deloudi, Sofia, "Fascinating Quasicrystals", Acta Crystallographica,  2008, A64, 1-11,  )

Rule of 7 to Promote Online Content

Earlier I came to know of sharing an article at least three platforms apart from Twitter and your blog. But now I come to know of Rule of 7.

I try to use the rule of 7. What this means is aggregating your content 7 times. This typically means creating a YouTube video about the content, sharing it on G+, Facebook and sharing the content on other blogs. Just making one post about something on your site and doing nothing nothing with it is a waste of your time and resources.
See the comment by Ron Reyer in

Photography - Tips and Tutorials - Web Pages

Photography Tutorials - Geoff Lawrence - Index

Tips for Beginners

How to do levitation photography

7 tips to start a photoblog

Pinging is an important blog promotion activity - Are you doing it?

Pinging informs search engines proactively that your blog is updated.

Articles about pinging.

Are you pinging by Roy Reyer

Are you pinging part 2 by Roy Reyer

Google's QDF Update for Freshness of Content

In November Google made an update to their search algorithm to give preference to freshness of content and they said 35% of queries are affected by the update.

Two articles on the update

Roy Reyer on Seotraingingsw

By Justin Briggs on Techniques of calculating freshness

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Google Doodles for Various Occasions

January - March

April - June

July to August
Jul 01, 2011 Cabotage and Turkish Maritime Festival
Jul 04, 2011

US Independence Day

Jul 05, 2011

Venezuela Independence Day

October to December

FirstPost.Com - Digital Journalism Site

A new digital journalism venture


A thought

Digital Content Producers and Distributors

Producers of digital media should not feel aggregators are exploiting their content. They are distributing content and providing visitors for your sites. Even in digital media, you need distributors. Only difference is that in digital world, there are many self appointed distributors for your content and this may make your developing the distribution chain more easy. Why not appreciate them through a comment or commendation.


Firstpost is a digital journalism initiative from TV18 group of India. It has the trending topics of the day at the top.


First Post Categories of News

 Politics  Technology  Sports    


Interesting Stories from FirstPost and Some other Websites

Corporate News - India
Corporate News - Global
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz fired on the phone

Government and Political System


Delhi Blast
How the Delhi blast occurred
PM at Dhaka - Statement


Prakash Karat's Four point plan to tackle corruption


Celebrations in India - Anna ends fast.

Opinion - what we gained and lost due to Lokpal bill movement

Anna Hazare announced that he will end his fast at 10 am. tomorrow (28.8.2011).
He requested all persons doing fast to end it and come to Ram Lila ground at 10 am.
He described the resolution in Parliament as half victory.

Varun Gandhi made an eloquent speech in Parliament
It is the people that must govern and rule.
It is our duty to reflect public opinion.

7.00 pm
Voting at 8 pm expected



Djokovic vs Nadal - Final US Open

Djokovic ruthless



Blogs of Media Persons

September 2011
Is social networking building Internet’s caste system?

Success of Los Angeles Times in Digital Journalism Venture is a big success in digital journalism initiative.





2008 Documentary about Columbia Journalism School

___________________ ___________________

I visited the Columbia university in 2007. Went in search of Benjamin Graham's  memorial place. Could not find any.

Engaging Students in Classroom and Learning Activities - Video - Dr. Susan Keen

____________ ____________

Great Scientific Theories - Edge Survey 2012 Answers

191 scholars contributed their answers.

Humphrey, Nicholas - Emeritus School Professor, The London School of Economics; Author, Soul Dust
Explanation For Why The Human Mind May Seem To Have An Elegant Explanation Even If It Doesn't

Linde, Andrei - Father of "Eternal Chaotic Inflation"; Professor of Physics, Stanford University

The inflationary multiverse consists of myriads of 'universes' with all possible laws of physics and mathematics operating in each of them. We can only live in those universes where the laws of physics allow our existence, which requires making reliable predictions.

In the context of the new cosmological paradigm, which was developed during the last 30 years, we might be able, for the first time, to approach one of the most complicated and mysterious problems which bothered some of the best scientists of the 20th century.

All the contributors and their answers

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How to Deliver Effective Lecture - Guidelines - Planning, Preparing and Delivering



Google search link for preparing for  lecture

Million Robots Companies

The new popular news in many papers and websites is the item that Taiwan's Foxconn Technology group that assembles Apple's Iphones and Ipads in China is going install one million robots by 2014. Present it has 10,000. Next year it will install 300,000.
News about Robots
Nearly 9 million Robots in the world in 2008. Population of Robots is doubling in two years.

Knowledge = Meaning + Memory

A person is knowledgeable when he has some facts and principles in his memory and he knows the meaning and application of the principles.
Michael Wesch of Kansas State University is credited by Peter Guber in his book, Tell to Win to explain this verbal equation  meaning + memory = knowledgeability [1].
I am impressing on my students this idea for number of years.

Journalism - Websites for Reference

Digital Journalism    Masters in digital journalism
Digital journalism Articles, Ideas and Links

First posted in

Journalism - Effective Interview Process

Prepare for the interview
Thinks about the requirement of the medium for which are doing the interview
Write your questions
Find a good location for the interview
After you ask a question, endure awkward silence
Related web pages
Ten tips

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Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Community Marketing for Blogs and Online Articles

Why post a blog or an online article if you are not prepared to marketing it in internet streets?

One has to post an article only if he is prepared to do the marketing and related marketing communications. Of course, one can post otherwise also but the chances will be that nobody visits it because nobody in the world knows its existence. It is like a note that you kept in your locker under lock and key.

Search engine marketing and social media marketing are the two leading online marketing tools for online articles. If you are publishing on an article platform like Knol, you have the author and visitor community of the platform as a separate group. Your friend circle and personal contacts are another group with whom you can share articles.

If you post and will just sit there
See this interesting article: Why HubPages Sucks - A Reply to Complaining Authors

Article Marketing

Find out what your likely readers want to read?

Do a survey and find out what your potential readers want to read.

Do a key word search

Production of the online article

Improve the content of your articles.
Improve the presentation and readability.
Take care of grammar and spelling.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is making your article search engine friendly so that search engines index your articles and give it a higher rank in the search result.

Using key words effectively


Ways to acquire inbound links

Social Media Marketing

Promoting Online Article through Social Media Sites

Community Marketing

When authors are writing on article platforms, they need to market their article in their community of authors and visitors.

Using Social Features of HubPages to Promote your Hubs

Successful Authors on HubPages
Kathryn Vericillo

Gets 15,000 pageviews per day
$1200 ($1000 from Adsense)

Marye Audet

12,500 pageviews per day.
$1500 ($1200 from Adsense) per month

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Curation of News and Online Articles

What is Curation?
Curation is selection and ordering items for display to provide value and satisfaction to the visitor or reader. Curation happens museums, Curation happens in newspapers and magazines. Curation happens also in online space. Website masters do curation and prepare the website. Many online article writers are also into curation when they assemble materials from number of online articles.
On Knol, Knol collections are curated exhibits of knols.

Lisa Ding, community manager of Blogger wrote a post advocating curation as an important activity for bloggers now.
Articles for further reading
Curations and Journalists as Curators
Interesting articles on social curation of news and some of its failures

Gandhian Thought and Methods Still Alive in India - 2011

Jan Lokpal bill agitation led by Anna Hazare brought out the fact that Gandhian thought and methods are still alive in India and are yielding fruitful results.


Rallies by People in various places in India


Anticorruption Movement by Anna Hazare

Right to Information Act


About Anna Hazare

Newspaper Blogs versus Blogging Platform Blogs versus Self-hosted Blogs

October 2010
68% of the newspapers blogs are edited or moderated.

May 2009
Top 50 Newspaper blogs

Can newspapers blog right?
April 2006

A panel discussion on newspaper blogs

Self -hosted Blogs

12 advantages
Wordpress recommended blog hosting companies

Regional Content Category Knol Promotion Board

This knol is a part of Knol Promotion Board System.
Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area

Knol Home Page Categories are being specially promoted one each month
Knol Months for Home Page Categories of Knol


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New Knols Posted Today - Category Listing

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August 2011
Special Promotion for Regional Content

Knol Month of Regional Content - August
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Mahatma Gandhi on Embracing Poverty Voluntarily
Islamic Banking and Finance in India - Potential and Challenges

Depression – the Human Aspects
Search Engine Optimization Rules To Live by

Questions and Answers on Engineering Economic Analysis
Active Knol Authors - Active Community Participants
Spirituality and Religion in Business Organizations
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Link Building Tips and Tricks
SEO Top 12 Tips

Policy Interest Rates - Reserve Bank of India
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Efficiency: A Focus Area of Industrial Engineering - Jesse Brogan

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Engineering Economics is an Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers
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Are you Promoting an Environment that Promotes Creativity?

Comented Argentina's epheneris. The Argentina's history day by day.
Osama Bin Laden is Dead - Announcement by US President
Osaman Bin Laden - Video and Knol Collection
Indian Premier League - IPL 4 - 2011 - Schedule of Matches
Interesting Knols List Starting with special characters and Numbers

World Health Day - 7 April
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Top Knols - Knol Book
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Top Knols - 2010 - Management

Excesses of Capitalism (How capitalistic excesses discredit the market economy)
Paul Krugman's Blind Spots (Unworldly economic research in the neoliberal-anarchic environment)
Comparative Advantage — Upgraded (Future-proof foreign trade based on relative price advantages)
Factors of Production (Efficient factor allocation for social-ecological welfare)
Neoliberal Vicious Circle (Impact and consequences of the neoliberal globalization)
Globalization (The neoliberal globalization: its impact and ways to overcome it)
World Trade Organisation (WTO) (The institutionalization of a selfish, wrongly justified doctrine)
Social-Ecological Economics (Dictionary of Social-Ecological Market Economy)
Economic Subsidiarity (Self-Determination through decentralized economic structures)
Recent economic knols by Peter Greenfinch
This knol reached quickly the 1000 pageviews. It warns about the ominous danger of an imminent global monetary collapse in the lack of a real global monetary system.
It proposes solutions to that crucial and urgent issue which the world authorities seems currently unable or unwilling to tackle, as nations do not want to cede any portion or their exalted, but illusory, "sovereignty".
That knol goes further than the classical narrow theories on the topic and their poor explanations when applied to the 21st century economic evolutions

Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

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Cognitive Processes, Theories and Concepts in Organizational Behavior
International Women’s Day - 8th March
World Water Day - 22nd March
World Days or International Days to Highlight Challenges
Operating System - Knol Book
Towards a World currency This knol reached quickly the 1000 pageviews. it might be because it shows what steps to take in order to solve a crucial and urgent issue on which the world authorities shows currently to be unable to really tackle: the ominous danger of an imminent global monetary collapse in the lack of a real global monetary system.
Factors of production and of economic value Another recent knol that goes further than the classical narrow theories on the topic that give poor explanations when applied to the 21st century economic evolutions
Finance and Investment Knols and Information - Bulletin Board

Herd mentality, herd behavior How we behave within groups and society, a key topic that explains how we can lose our personal independence, and how many social phenomena, including dramatic ones, can take shape.
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New Interesting Knols - Collection 1
SWOT Analysis, a strategic tool. A must for any project
Decision Making and its traps. A must for deciders

Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010

Association of Indian Management Schools (2010) - Annual Management Education Convention 2010


Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010
Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday Essay Competition - Knol Collection
Jo Achutananda - Annamayya Kirtana - Audio and Video Links
Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis (Trending knol of the day for the third day 691 pv)
Knol authors requested to write comments on the knol. Many first time visitors are coming. They will appreciate knol authors' comments.
बारा अगस्त बारा अगस्त  (First Hindi Trending Knol on a social cause promotion  183 page views in six hours  )
One Man/Small Group Initiatives to Mega Campaigns - The Scaling Up Process


updated to take into account US and EU lawmakers rather thorough decisions taken
this month about banking activities (alas taken separately without much coordination,
showing how far we still are from a really global financial / monetary governance)

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