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Global Number One Individual English Knol Author

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S., Preofessor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India is Global Number one Individual English Knol Author for 2010 and 2011.

Email: kvssnrao55 @

Google Analytics Data: Highest monthly unique visitors number 86,000 visits, Highest monthly page views number: 114,000

Based on the page view statistics of 3.11.2009, the top ranking individual English author is Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
At the start of 2011, the page view record shows that Narayana Rao is Global Number Two Individual Knol Author
Areas of Knol Writing: Business Management, Industrial Engineering, Knol Directory, Knol Books

 27 July 2011 Fourth Year of Knol Starts

22 November 2011 Google announced discontinuing Knol


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Highest page views per day: 4122 page views (needs  change)
Highest visitors per day: 3262
Highest unique visitors 3031
(All on 14.11.2011)

(As per Google analytics data)

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Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

Now Global Number Two Individual Knol Author

Happy to share with my readers that I am going to become Two Million Page Views Online Writer by this month end. It took four years to reach the milestone. The support extended and encouragement given by many readers is appreciated and I thank all.
Two Million Page View Online Article Author - April 2011

For the week ended 24.4.2011, on weekly page views statistics, my knol portfolio performance is the Global number one performance.
Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors

Knols of Narayana Rao

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Knol Books  of Narayana Rao

The Online Writing Endeavor that resulted in Global Rank on Knol Platform
The first group of blogs - Basically 11th and 12th class Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics Blogs

  • NITIE Alumni
  • Management News
  • IIT JEE Physics Answers to Practice Sets
  • Securities Market Intermediaries - USA
  • Mutual Fund News USA
  • Security Analysis News
  • Industrial Engineering News and Views
  • Thane Bloggers
  • Learning PHYSICS for IIT JEE
  • Education (Primary to Ph.d) News - India and Abroad
  • Business - Corporate News India
  • Knols by Narayana Rao
  • Mutual Funds News - India
  • Blogger Knoller World News
  • Thought/nrao on Security Investment
  • Company Reports - India
  • IIT JEE Physics Model Problems and Questions
  • IIT JEE Mathematics - Model Problems
  • Chemistry Glossary
  • Indian Economy News
  • Learning Mathematics for IIT Jee
  • Industry Level News India
  • Thought/Nrao on Industrial Engineering
  • IIT JEE Physics Practice Sets
  • Securities Market Intermediaries - USA - News
  • Thought/Nrao on Political and Social Systems
  • Financial Markets Employment News
  • International Financial Markets Employment News
  • Learning and Studying for IIT JEE
  • IIT JEE 2009
  • Thought/nrao
  • Thought/NRao on Financial Market Development
  • Learning for IIT JEE
  • IIT JEE CHEMISTRY Anwers to Practice Sets
  • Indian Financial Markets News
  • IIT JEE Chemistry Model Questions and Problems
  • Learning CHEMISTRY for IIT JEE
  • Learning Mathematics for IIT JEE
  • Videos For IIT JEE Chemistry
  • Mergers Acquisitions International News
  • Employment News
  • Chemistry - Practice Sets for IIT JEE Chemistry
  • Consultants
  • Security Market Intermediaries - India
  • IIT JEE Mathematics Practice Sets
  • Securities Market Intermediaries - India - News
  • Executives in Securities Market Intermediairies
  • Thought/NRao on M & A
  • NITIE Library Books
  • Securities Market Intermediaries - International
  • Learning For IIT JEE 2010 - Study Plan
  • Mumbai Bloggers
  • Learning for IIT JEE 2011
  • Engineering News India
  • Executives in Securities Market Intermediairies India
  • Learning for IIT JEE 2012
  • Global Economy News
  • Thought/Nrao on Managing Sec. Mkt. Intermediaries
  • Thought/NRao on Research Methodology

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    Second group of blogs - Handbooks of management subjects
    Thrid Group of Blogs
    Blogs started after the initiation of writing on Knol


    Posted 5600 knols. Now the target is 5000 page views per day (Peak). Present peak daily page views is 3962.

    Becomes first Knol author to have 600 knols each with 1000 page views and more in Knol Statistics.(15.5.2011)

    Published knols by Narayana Rao
    Knols with more than 16,000 page views: 8 (800 knols with more than 16,000 page views are there on complete Knol).
    Knols with more than 5000 page views: 52 (3500 knols with more than 5000 page views on complete Knol)
    Knols with more than 500 page views: 1000 (40,000 knols with 500 pv in complete knol)

     Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

    55 knols with more than 5000 page views
    700 knols with more than 1000 page views
    800 knols with more than 600 page views 


    Knol Page View Record of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

    Google Analytics Data

    Monthly visitors: 66,016 Historical record
    Absolute Unique visitors: 59,253   Historical record
    Monthly Page views: 92,703   Historical record

    Monthly visitors: 52,591 Historical record
    Monthly Page views 75,035 Historical record

    Cumulative visitors and page views from analytics data

    As on 25.9..2011: 850,214 visits, 1,204,959 page views

    25 May 2009 to 10.5.2011
    Cumulative visitors: 600,907
    Cumulative page views: 851,418


    All Four Historical Records for Knol Page Views

    Monthly visitors: 48,915 Historical record
    Monthly Page views 71,613 Historical record

    Daily visitors 2035  Historical record
    Daily Page Views: 2836  Historical record

    Knol monthly page views still going up.

    Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

    One Million Page Views in Five Months  (Knol Counter)

    Page views on 18.4.2011 2.75 million

    Page views on 22.1.2011 2.23 million

    One Million Page Views in Year (Knol Counter)

    Page views on 9.11.2010 1.68 million

    Page views on 3.11.2009 492,000
    Weekly Page View Record: 69,640  - 24.4.2011

    Narayana Rao Becomes Million Page-view Knol Author

    Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. became a million page view knoller on 15.4.2010. 1,001,112 cumulative page views (15.4.2010);  22,000 weekly page views
    Cumulative Page Views on 3.11.2010 1.68 million
    Narayana Rao is the third individual knol author to cross million page view mark.
    The other two are
    손지훈   (Korean language)      3,033,000 
    György Tausz  (Hungarian language)   1,759,000
    Szentendre (Hungary)

    Milestone in Page Views and Visitors - 50,000 page views in month (Google Analytics)

    March 2011
    750,000 cumulative page views

    February 2011
    500,000  cumulative visits

    Cumulative monthly figures
    Visitors: 34,525        Historical record
    page views: 50,165  Historical record
    2176 pages were viewed a total of 50,165 times (Google Analytics) 
    30,935 Absolute unique visitors
    60,000 page views in month. Recorded on 15.3.2011
    70,561 page views in month  recorded on  26.4.2011

    Narayana Rao Becomes Global Number One Individual English Author on 3.11.2009

    Based on the page view statistics of 3.11.2009,
    The top ranking individual English author position shifted to Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
    The position is retained on 30.12.2010 with 1.68 million page view figure (last count 9.11.2010).
    Current   Page View Statistics  of English Language Authors.
    Page View Statistics on 3.11.2009
    The eHow database is the world's most popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything., Demand Media
    Views: 862000

    Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai
    Views: 492000


    Recently Created and Updated Knols

    Knol Books - Catalogue

    List - Knol Book of Readings by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

    Areas of My Knol Writing
    1. Management Knowledge Revision Knols - Articles on various subjects in MBA curriculum.
    2. Industrial Engineering - Three Components of IE (Proposed by KVSSN Rao) - Human Effort Engineering, System Efficiency Engineering, Management of Systems Design, Installation and Improvement.
    The statement of Narayana Rao  "Industrial Engineering is Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineeering" appeared in the Industrial Engineer (March 2010 issue), magazine of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), which is the global association of Productivity and Efficiency professionals.

    Made a presentation on Industrial Engineering of Systems at the Global Conference at Keio University, Hiyoshi, Japan on 26.7.2010

    Global Conference - Flexible Systems Management - GloGift 2010

    3. Initiatives to Promote Growth of Knol - Knol Directory, USA Knol Authors Lists, Knol Author Bulletin Boards etc.



    Thanks to my colleague Ms. Rachna Sharma, who was instrumental in my looking at blog posts and start a blog.
    Thanks to my daughter, to support whose studies, I started serious blogging. Developing study materials in a blog.
    Thanks to a doctor, who told me at the start of 2008 that google is coming out with knol platform.
    Thanks to knol platform management, who listened to the suggestions of authors and thus encouraged authors to take more interest in the platform.
    Thanks to my family members who took interest on what is my progress on the knol.
    Thanks to Sajid Khan, who initiated the contact with me on knol and the contact resulted in the formation of Knol Author Foundation and development of knol author bulletin board.
    Thanks to all the founders of the KAF, Randy, Kalle Schwartz, Andreas Kemper, Peter Greenfich, Jesus Martin Calvo. Knol provided camaradarie. Blogger did not in my case.
    Thanks to all directors and members of knol author foundation.
    Thanks to all authors who contributed to knol author bulletin board.
    Thanks to Dr. Minoo Bhagia for sustaining the Hindi Knol Author Bulletin Board.
    I  thank all my knol coauthors.
    Thanks to all knol authors who wrote comments on my knols and replied to my comments.
    Thanks to my collegues at NITIE, Mumbai, who provided support and some of them are my coauthors and some of them encouraged NITIE students to post knols.
    Thanks to all visitors and special thanks to visitors who wrote comments, gave rating and have written reviews.
    Thanks to members of orkut communities and linkedin communities.
    Thanks to my batchmates of  B.Tech and PGDIE programs.


    My Coauthors - Thanks to all of them


    My Popular Knols

    300 articles with more than 1000 page views.

    Initiatives to Promote Knol


    List - Knol Book of Readings by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

    25.12.2010 I am advocating to knol authors to develop 1000 knol books. I started developing 100 knol books so far.  Separately I started one more series of knol books to learn languages.  As the Global number one, I am setting milestones for other authors to reach and contribute for the success of knol platform.

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    Knol Days of Knowledge
    Knol Author Directory

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