Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blogspot Bloggers Community in Google+

It is a big community of bloggers. 63,534 members on 23 February 2015. It is an active community.

It has 141,657 members on 27 Sep 2015.

I am setting up a poll in the community.

What are average daily page views of all your blogs combined?

1. Around  100

2. Around 250

3. Around 500

4. Around 750

5. Around 1000

Minnow Media Persons versus Mega Media Organizations

                                         Source: Doodle on 27 September 2015

Digital media allowed minnow media person to emerge. Blogs and social networks are creating citizen journalists and authors. They are able to mass customize successfully as a group and due to that they are eating away a portion of the market of mega media organizations. But this is a period of transition. Traditional print media organizations are embracing digital and are providing space to these citizen journalists and authors and thereby expanding their market share. But still, the enthusiasm shown by tech companies like Google, Yahoo and other companies is very high compared to the traditional companies. We need to thank Google etc. for taking pains to manage this social media activity. There is a revenue earning opportunity and significant number of bloggers or minnow media persons are making money.

There is lot of promotion material claiming that money making using blogs is very easy. Large number of people are trying and unwanted practices may be making their appearance. Social media platforms are trying to manage this big motley crowd of minnow media persons and channelise their energy into creating original content that support mass customization in a meaningful way. They are banning blogs, suspending adsense accounts, suspending social network accounts and exhorting all through various policy declarations to adhere to a discipline.

Should mega media organization see the minnows as a threat? Even though in the short term dynamic phase, the traditional media may look like losing, the bloggers will increase the reach of the traditional media through reaching nooks and corners of the world with specific news items and creating more visitors for online content of traditional media.

Updated 27 Sep 2015
First posted 28 October