Saturday, May 27, 2017

Prof. Narayana Rao's IISE 2017 Presentation - Principles of Industrial Engineering - Major Fundamental Contribution

The world famous and extremely popular international blogger Prof. Narayana Rao KVSS, Professor at National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai gave a spellbinding presentation on the principles of industrial engineering, at the Annual Conference of IISE 2017 held in Pittsburgh.

Prof. Rao gave the presentation on 23 May 2017. Prof. Rao maintains the popular blog on Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center at

Prof. Narayana Rao defines industrial engineering as system efficiency engineering and human effort engineering. Taylor authored a theoretical treatise “Scientific Management” in 1911 and gave four principles of scientific management. There was scope for the development of principles of industrial engineering by incorporating the principles of scientific management to provide focus to the discipline. Prof Narayana Rao identified this gap in the industrial engineering literature and made a significant contribution to the subject of industrial engineering by proposing a full list of industrial engineering principles.

1. Productivity science
2. Productivity engineering
3. Ind Engineering is applicable to all branches of engineering
4. Principles of machine utilization economy are to be developed for all resources used in engineering systems.
5. Industrial engineering optimization
6. Industrial engineering economics
7. Implementation team membership and leadership
8. Human effort engineering for increasing productivity
9. Principles of motion economy to be used in all IE studies in the area of human effort engineering
10. Operator comfort and health are to be taken care of.
11. Work measurement
12. Selection of operators
13. Training of operators, supervisors and engineers
14. Productivity training and education to all
15. Employee involvement in continuous improvement of processes and products for productivity improvement.
16. Productivity incentives
17. Hearty cooperation
18. Productivity Management
19. System level focus for productivity
20. Productivity measurement
21. Cost measurement

Prof. Narayana Rao reminded the attendees at the conference to remember F.W. Taylor and his contribution to industrial engineering. All this happened in Pittsburgh, PA. Pennsylvania (PA) is the birth state of F.W. Taylor. Pittsburgh was also the headquarters of Maynard Associates, the famous industrial engineering consultancy organization formed in 1934. Maynard’s Handbook of Industrial Engineering is very popular in industrial engineering literature. Prof. Narayana Rao appropriately shared his fundamental insight in the field of industrial engineering at the birthplace of industrial engineering and made it a stronger discipline to help the industrial economy by facilitating it to become more productive. The Taylor's slogan is More Wages, Less Cost. The new slogan is More Income to Producers - More Products to Consumers;  Industrial Engineering for Industry Expansion and Society Satisfaction.

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