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Average Income for a Top 50,000 Blog

A 2006 University of Texas, Chitika study came out with an estimate of $500 million advertisement or total income for the top 50,000 blogs. But the in the details it was shown that top 15% blogs account for 90% of the income and remaining 85% account for 10% of the income. This mean $50 million is made by 42,500 blogs. This gives an average for the 42,500 blogs as $1176.47. This seems to be a reasonable estimate. Earning $100 per month through blogs or online articles will put a person at the  top 50,000 blog level.

If the blog is in top 7500 blogs, the total income estimate is $450 million and the average income per blog will be $60,000 per annum or $5000 per month.

There is an alternative way to check this estimate. To get $100 per month, a blog must have 100,000 page views per month. 50,000 blogs having 100,000 page views will give 5,000,000,000 page views. This is equal to 5 billion page views per month and this is equal to what Blogger alone is getting presently. The total page views per blogosphere is estimated as 15 billion page views. Hence, estimating that top 50,000 blogs are contributing 5 billion page views is reasonable. A blogger earning $100 per month can consider himself to be in the top 50,000. But certainly $1 cpm which we assumed in this argument can be increased by bloggers by focusing on better monetization.

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Compare this information with journalists in USA.
There are 83,000 full time journalists USA.
The median salary is $50,000 in 2012

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Vijaya Dashami - 2016 - Festival of Success - Festival of Breaking Barriers - Narayana Rao

Vijaya Dashami festival is a festival of success. It is a festival of great success. There is a tradition for the top people in the society to review publicly their successes in the last year and then come out with programmes for the coming year. The festival is associate with the tradition of "Seemollanghan". This can be interpreted in number of ways. While kings may interpret as extending their area of rule, farmers may interpret it as acquiring new land. The industrialists and businessmen can see it as expansion of their business. It is breaking barriers in any field by every individual.

What is special about myself in the last year (2015-16)?

In July 2016, I came out with a list of principles of industrial engineering. The principles are based on Taylor's principles of scientific management. Even though the subject, industrial engineering is 100 years old, a set of principles were not declared so far.

I also had a distinction in the year in the field of publication, The lecture that I gave in Thane on the topic - Deendayal's Ekatma Manav Darshan versus Capitalism were appreciated and it was published in the book "Rashtra Drashta - Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya."  The book has articles and interviews with Shri Mohanji Bhagawat, Shri Bhayyaji Joshi, Shri Devendra Phadanvis, Chief Minister of Maharshtra and other leaders and thinkers. In the lecture, I advocated that M.P.s of constituencies have to prepare investment plans for their constituencies and send them to Central Government some time before budgets are made. This is equivalent to budget memoraundum by the M.P.s. Various suggestions made by M.P.s to promote investment in their constituency can be evaluated and incorporated by the Finance Minister in the budget. This will help in developing decentralization of planning.

The third that I have to specially mention is the partial fasting that I did in this year's Navratri. I would like to continue it for two more months in an effort to lose weight.

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Blogosphere - Blogworld

Blogosphere 2016

Blogosphere and Its Problems

Fist Monday
Volume 21, Number 6 - 6 June 2016

Cameron CB, Nair V, Varma M, Adams M, Jhaveri K, Sparks MA

Does Academic Blogging Enhance Promotion and Tenure? A Survey of US and Canadian Medicine and Pediatric Department Chairs

JMIR Med Educ 2016;2(1):e10
DOI: 10.2196/mededu.4867
Published on 23.06.16 in Vol 2, No 1 (2016): Jan-Jun

Research Blogging - A Blog for Research Articles in Various Disciplines

If you're a blogger who writes about serious research, Research Blogging offers you a way to distinguish your serious posts from news, politics, family, bagpipes, and so on. We can direct your regular readers -- and new readers -- to the posts you've worked the hardest to create. All you need to get started is a blog and a peer-reviewed research report that you'd like to discuss.

UK Blogger Survey 2016

26 April 2016

Three million Australians active in the blogosphere

August 17 2016  Finding No. 6926

Blogosphere 2012

May 2012

181 million blogs by end December 2011 compared to 36 million 2011

Internet 2011 in numbers

Blogosphere 2011

November 2011

interesting statistics about the makeup of today’s blogging world:

61% are hobbyists – the rest are professionals
1/3 have an income of over 75K a year, 1/4 over 100K
half of the blogosphere has been blogging for four years or more
1/3 of bloggers work in mainstream media and blog separately

Part 1 Who are bloggers?

The above statistics indicate that it is the main stream media people who are making money by blogging separately. Yes persons like Paul Krugman etc. have popular blogs getting 500,000 visitors per month in US alone.

Part 2. Motivation and Consequences of Blogging

Part 3. Monetization and Revenue

bloggers in the Top 100 generate 36 times more content than the average blogger.

A Top Blog Post - 2011

State of Indian Blogsphere - 2011 - A Presentation

I am inspired this 2011 blogosphere report. You require Facebook pages for your online projects

Knol projects related pages on Facebook

Knol Books

Industrial engineering

Internet Infographic

Blogworld 2011

All coverage of blogworld

Report on Technorati Blogosphere survey by Blogworld

4% of all bloggers and 37% Probloggers report that Blogging provides them the primary income.
Remember top bloggers produce 36 times more content. Even quality differential are likely to be very high between top bloggers and average bloggers.









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Blogger Making $1000 per Month on 165 visitors per Day

The blogger claimed that he made $1000 a month from affiliate income. He wrote:

 I was able to increase my overall website traffic by 55%, particularly search engine traffic.

In the last 12 months the blog has managed to attract a cool 61,073 sessions (previous year 23,676), and 96,179 page views (previous year 41,267).

On average Magnet4Blogging has been getting 165 visits per day.

Gross Total Affiliate Marketing Income – $6,497.88

Blog Services

Website Design & Branding – $6,699.79

Gross Total Blog Income For 2016 (October to October – financial year) – $13,197.17

In July I earned $1,114.91 from affiliate marketing, which was truly awesome.

I also reached 1,000 email subscribers to this blog last month as well.

From my experience with blogging, it is a big  affiliate marketing  income. Bloggers have to know the ways of making money from affiliate marketing also apart from adsense. Adsense gives very little income as the income of magnet4blogging shows.

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Average Income for a Top 50,000 Blog