Monday, October 10, 2016

Average Income for a Top 50,000 Blog

A 2006 University of Texas, Chitika study came out with an estimate of $500 million advertisement or total income for the top 50,000 blogs. But the in the details it was shown that top 15% blogs account for 90% of the income and remaining 85% account for 10% of the income. This mean $50 million is made by 42,500 blogs. This gives an average for the 42,500 blogs as $1176.47. This seems to be a reasonable estimate. Earning $100 per month through blogs or online articles will put a person at the  top 50,000 blog level.

If the blog is in top 7500 blogs, the total income estimate is $450 million and the average income per blog will be $60,000 per annum or $5000 per month.

There is an alternative way to check this estimate. To get $100 per month, a blog must have 100,000 page views per month. 50,000 blogs having 100,000 page views will give 5,000,000,000 page views. This is equal to 5 billion page views per month and this is equal to what Blogger alone is getting presently. The total page views per blogosphere is estimated as 15 billion page views. Hence, estimating that top 50,000 blogs are contributing 5 billion page views is reasonable. A blogger earning $100 per month can consider himself to be in the top 50,000. But certainly $1 cpm which we assumed in this argument can be increased by bloggers by focusing on better monetization.

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Updated  12 October 2016,  28 December 2011

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