Sunday, May 11, 2014

Value of Blogging to Academicians in Disseminating their Research and Thoughts

Blogging has provided me an opportunity to create notes that are being used by millions of learners both students and working executives. I posted my conference papers on blogs and online article platforms and they are being used and cited by other researchers and academicians.

But there are divergent opinions still about relevance of blogging to academicians.

An interesting recent post by Sarah Louise Quinnell, September 2011, Guardian UK

Came across an article  on Blogs of Kellogg School professors


Today I came across the article "Blogging in Academia, a Personal Experience" by Arthur Charpentier dated 18 February 2014.

Some excerpts

Recently, Graham (2004) characterized three channels for scholar communications: publication in  peer reviewed journals, conferences  and seminars, and a more informal one, that might be called the "new invisible college", as in Halavais (2006), tha t might be related to a "faculty lounge", using the expression of! Priem, Piwowar,  & Hemminger (2012).  This  third  channel  is  precisely  the  one  that  might  be related to blogs.

With Internet (emails, blogs, forums, etc), academics now have new mediums to communicate, either within their own community (and launch participative projects), or outside their community. Academic blogs are one medium, among many others.  As explained in Gregg (2006), blogs have made scholarly work accessible and accountable to a readership outside the academy". From an insider's perspective,blogs seem to be extremely popular, because bloggers are active, sharing links, comments, discussions, etc.

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