Saturday, June 23, 2012

Social Media and Languages Learning

Social media, media in which individuals are contributing on their own initiatives on subjects and on topics where they have interest, knowledge and expertise is providing unique content that is helpful to a niches of people looking for a particular way of presenting the subject.  Professional media would not have been able to create so much content with that great variety. It is because professionals expect to be paid every day for their efforts and hence they can not cater to small niches. But a large number of social media contributors are first contributing for the thrill of contributing. Some of them hope to receive some income, but even if they do not receive, they are still content with the satisfaction that they created some useful items for people to use. No doubt still large number of social media contributors say a million are receiving some regular monthly payment.But a million across the world is not a big number. Social media is thriving by providing an opportunity to even to a billion people to contribute an item or other to the pool of digitized knowledge.

I am happy to see number of resources being created in social media to learn languages. Presently I am doing a serious effort to learn Japanese and collecting various online resources in this regard. I am collecting the resources into an online book on learning Japanese.  I am happy to see a Japanese to Telugu dictionary today. (Japanese to Telugu dictionary) The dictionary invites all to contribute to improve the dictionary further. It is a good way using large number of people to develop a knowledge resource.

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