Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ten Million Cumulative Page View Target

At May end 2014 the milestone is 5.652 million. I am setting up a lifetime target of 10 million page views. It symbolises the help that I could provide to online information seekers in various subjects. I call it ONLINE HIT KOTI  Target. Koti is a telugu word, crore is more popular hindi and english word and one crore is equal to 10 million. In Andhra Pradesh, we have the tradition of writing Ram's name one crore times as religious project. I would like to take up the Online Hit Koti Project.

23 Nov 2014

I think ten million page views or hits are possible in the next 6.5 years provided daily hits number is 4300.

4300 * 365 = 1,569,500
1,569,500 * 6.5 = 10,202,750

This target is feasible provided the important blogs are updated in this year.

30 December 2014

I plan to focus on the following blogs in 2015

Management Theory Review
MBA Knowledge Center
MBA Knowledge Center - India

Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center

India Information and News

IIT - JEE  Main  Chemistry  - Mathematics - Physics

Bollywood Films - History of the Day - History of India - Ph.d Research Methodology - Management Theory Research Perspective - Engineering Knowledge Center - Science Knowledge Center - Engineering Management - World Information - Games and Sports

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