Friday, April 3, 2015

Planner and Executor for Bloggers

The Editorial Calendar (you call it as blogging calendar) stores your ideas and planning in advance.

Benefits of planning and recording ideas as and when they come,

You don’t have to think when and what to blog (already planned)
Your work will be more consistent as you planned it in advance and can make the posts consistent.
You come up with amazing and thoughtful ideas instead of writing something.
You can track what’s working and what’s not, what’s written and what’s possible (You can keep track of your performance of posts).
You are most likely to get ideas out of ideas during planning the calender

For each post topic that you enter in your planner, you can add more details.

Publishing date, date & time
Focus keyword
Any related keywords
Ideas/structure of post
Key benefit for the reader

Some bloggers plan for the entire year. Some make the plan for a month.

The co-schedule plugin will send social media messages from the blog posts. We all know we can schedule the blog posts now.

Happy and Profitable Blogging.

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