Sunday, May 17, 2015

Many Ways to Make Money from Your Blogs and Blogging

I liked an article on

12 ways to making money using blogs.

Things like speaking assignments, writing assignments, selling products like ebooks are mentioned as methods of making money.

AdSense and amazon affiliates are the initial money making methods. Then comes direct ad selling. Getting sponsorships is the fourth one.

Winning prizes for blog can another source.

Creating YouTube videos based on blog content can be attempted.

You can write specific sponsored articles, that is commissioned articles.

You may get book writing assignments also.

You can be invited as a motivational speaker apart from being invited as an expert on the subjects you are blogging.

Communicate, Convince, and Convert.  Selling  through communications. Selling through web communications, selling through catalogues, Selling through annual calendars etc. have to follow this strategy.


  1. Hi Rao garu,
    Great info.
    But you need to give some connected links too so that your read can reach into it and go further.
    Have a great week ahead
    ~ P V

  2. Dear Arielji
    Thank you for the comment. Sometimes it is becoming difficult even to make a small post after reading something and feeling it is good. So in a hurry, all sorts of slips keep occurring. The article window is already closed etc. I shall find the article again through search and add the link. Thank you.