Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Architecture of Shrama Yoga or Karma Yoga for Success in Spiritual World

Even a sweeper who sweeps the streets is eligible for moksha. He is God's child. God resides in him as an atman. So says Hindu philosophy, the view of life of Hindus.

Every person follows his duty and produces useful things. He can produce to satisfy his desires. He can produce to satisfy others desires. Whenever a person is able to produce to satisfy the necessities of others, he is making efforts to earn his moksha. It is called Niskama karma. Its meaning is simple. The act is not for fulfilling the desires of your body or that of your near and dear.It is for the service of rest of the world that is God or God's creation. Do service to God's creation and you are taken out of this God's playground of puppets. You can be in the playground and suffer pleasure and pain or you can join the God and be a part of the power that runs the playground. The choice is yours. The saints encourage you to reach the state of moksha, the eternal bliss.  Moksha can be attained by you by your efforts and God's grace. If you believe in God, then pray for his grace. But God has already spoken through the voices of many, many saints. Listen to them and do the activities to earn his grace.

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