Monday, April 11, 2016

Interact with Your Twitter Followers

11 April

Twitter allows interaction. You can send number of messages to persons on Twitter. I have done this type of promotion number of times with good result.

You can search for a relevant key word for the blog post you want to promote and send messages to some people. You will get some replies, some may not agree with you, but reply. Some will like your message and some will retweet it.

When you reply to the twitter messages of persons you follow, especially when you normally follow them also, you will be interacting with your followers. Interaction builds relationships and instant recognition. Your twitter message becomes more visible to people with whom you had interaction.

You can send greetings on special occasion. FaceBook facilitates this greetings type interaction by informing of you of the birthdays. Linkedin provides the opportunities by informing you your friends professional achievements like completing one more year of job or business successfully. Does Twitter have a similar feature to facilitate interaction?

I have one more post in this series on Kinship and Tribe in communities. Interaction results into development of ties and tribe.

Happy Blogging and Successful Promotion.

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