Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Muscle Memory - Mind Memory - Brain Memory - Heart Memory

Many players claim that their muscles remember what to do. I heard this statement from Usain Bolt, the champion sprinter.

While great players develop muscle memory, great knowledge workers have to develop mind memory. Developing mind memory involves reading and listening, contemplating and meditating.
Contemplating is evaluating the subject internally for its truth and practical utility. Meditating is focusing on it to realize the benefit of the subject in reality. Meditation creates the vision or more simply the plan of action. Meditation involves single minded  focus on the issue by preventing other ideas and thoughts for some point in time. Meditation is gradual withdrawal of sense organs' perception in the brain and concentrate it on the issue you want to meditate on. One effect of such meditation will be the memory that you develop in unconscious. Even you do not think of it for years, when needed unconscious provides you the required information.

What is needed to develop the mind memory.

A Tibetan proverb is appropriate in this context.

"It takes six times of thorough study and practice, for dharma to travel from skin to the bone marrow."

How many times do students and teachers read their texts?

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