Monday, April 4, 2016

Do You Participate Actively in Your Linkedin Commuity? -Blog Promotion Activity

Linkedin is a platform for professionals. It is about creating connection for doing professional dealings and also about getting clarifications about professionals activities.

If you are writing a blog professional issues, you are a candidate for participation in Linkedin communities. Community members are looking to your professional competence and your use of that competence for solving the questions of the members of the community. Hence, active participation is a must in the community. Taking time to read many messages every time you visit a community may be required.

I do see an increase in people connecting with me on Linked from the communities that I participate. If you are professional, then Linkedin is an ideal social network where you will be able to grow especially when you are blogging on topics in that area.

I am now feeling that it is important for bloggers to participate actively in the community discussions. If a blogger participates actively, he may be able to find out topics of interest to the community and write blog posts about them. Marketing is finding what customers need. Participation in a community is a marketing activity first. Selling comes later on when you write the blog post. It is good that I am writing these blog posts as I am getting ideas on what I have to do. When I do it and become successful, I can share my success story with fellow bloggers.

Articles on Participating and Promoting Blogs in Linkedin

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It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
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Basic Understanding of Basics of Marketing will make you a better marketer of your blog.

Please share your ideas and experience on Linked in as Blog Promotion Platform through comments. Also please indicate if there are more interesting articles on the topic.

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  1. Yes, I'm pretty active on LinkedIn sharing photos and blog posts. I've found the community there to be very inspiring and generous with comments and likes so I enjoy it. LinkedIn is definitely more than just a job search site.

    Dan Miller
    Number 744


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