Thursday, January 18, 2018

Overweight and Weight Reduction - Issues and Explanations

A to Z April 2018

Awareness, Attitude  -

   Awareness - Are you aware of health complications of overweight?

Body Mass Index, Bad Cholesterol

   Body Mass Index - Range 20 to 25

Calorie Intake and Expenditure

   Understand your intake and expenditure - To lose weight expenditure has to be more than intake.

Diet Plans


Fiber Intake, Fat Measurement

Gathering Information, Getting Support

Heart Health - Deterioration Due to  Overweight

Instruments for Weight Reduction - Weighing Machine, Fitbit

Join a Group

Knowledge Center for Weight Reduction

Lipid Profile Disturbance

Mindful Eating

Nighttime Habits,Nutrition during Weight Loss

Oats for Weight Reduction

Protein Intake for Weight Management

Quitting Old Habits That Made You Overweight

Restructure Your Body - Restore Health

Salt Intake and Water Retention

Tracking Your Diet and Exercise

Understanding and Committing to a Target

Verify Weight Reduction Tips

Water Intake and Weight Watching

Youth Restored Through Weight Loss

Zing in Your Step - Zeal in Your Action

International Journal of Obesity

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