Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is Annotum

Annotum is a theme in Wordpress themes using which Wordpress blogs are created and posted.

Annotum has many features that makes peer review and revision process smooth. Annotum also has wiki support.

Knol authors are provided an option to migrate to Wordpress blog/online publishing platform using Annotum theme. When they publish on Wordpress, knol authors become a publisher on Wordpress only. There will not be any special characteristic attached to them. May be if there is a search on Annotum theme blogs, their blogs will appear in that search. Except that the content of Knol authors will be equal to any other blog on Wordpress and it has to satisfy its terms of service.

Annotum now has support portal


  1. It is worth noting that knol users can set a redirect on knol for each of their articles. That way anyone searching for the original (or using search terms that would have led to the original) knol article will be redirected to the correct destination URL.

  2. Thanks Annotum for the comment and clarification