Monday, March 10, 2014

Potential Demand for Web - Internet Services and Websites

What is the potential demand for web or internet services?

The World population is currently above 7 billion.
The internet user base is close to 2 billion (3.1.2012)

Available Resources on Net>

Historical growth of Internet  - Document on Wikipedia - in PB per month and TB per month

Voice versusu Data traffic - 1998 article  Coffman and Odlizko

ICT Regulation report

Systems modeling of new media services - 2011 conference paper with more focus on energy demand for new media services.

Blogs - Amateur - No editing content - One page per day per internet user

Websites - Information services and commercial transaction services - Professional, Commercial and Business Sites - 3 to 5 pages per day.

News sites - 5 pages per day.

Entertainment sites - Music, Films, Drama, etc. 5 pages per day

Education sites - Professional - Depends on the estimate of learners

Email services

Social networking services - Internet highway services

Search service

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