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Global Number Two Individual Knol Author

On 10.4.2011, Narayana Rao K.V.S.S is Global Number Two Individual Knol Author.

List of Top Viewed Authors on Knol maintained by Will Johnson and Chair Potato indicates that in the page views revised on 21st January 2011, Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. occupies the number two position in individual knol authors in terms of page views. The position is maintained on the revision done on 6th April 2011. Will Johnson himself is racing forward with more weekly page views to overtake the cumulative page views in course of time.
Cumulative Visits and Page views
As on 10.4.2011: 551,610 visits, 781,080 Page views
The performance is similar to the Top 100 Authors on the platform
But as on 10.4.2011, is a six year old platform and Knol will complete 3 years in July 2011.


Happy to share with my readers that I am going to become Two Million Page Views Online Writer by this month end. It took four years to reach the milestone. The support extended and encouragement given by many readers is appreciated and I thank all.

Two Million Page View Online Article Author - April 2011

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