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Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

Presently Global Number One Individual English Knol Author. Global Number Two Individual Knol Author
My portfolio has more than 2.7 million page view (14.4.2011)
My knol portfolio reached one million page views on (15.4.2010) in Knol Statistics

I am a faculty member in National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE). My post-graduation is in industrial engineering. My doctoral research thesis is in the area of capital markets. I am happy to share things that I collect for my learning, teaching and research through online platforms like knol and blogs.

 Knol Author Foundation Congratulates Professor Rao for Achieving 100,000 Page Views a Month through a Press release

Global Number One Individual English Knol Author

(From 3.11.2009)
Highest page views per day: 4122 page views
Highest visitors per day: 3262
Highest unique visitors 3031
(All on 14.11.2011)

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Knolling With Passion to Share Knowledge Acquired With Facilities of the Society with the Society.
Shifting the attention to Blogger platform to make Knol live there also further

I am a faculty member in National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE).

I did post graduation in industrial engineering and did the doctoral research work in capital markets.
"It is the writer who might catch the imagination of young people and plant seed that will flower and come to fruition." - Issac Assimov.


Moving Some Knols to Blogs

Most of the knols will move to Annotum-Word Press site/blog.

Started new blogs. Posting some of the knols related to them there to provide a more focused content to visitors.

Book Information, Reviews and Summaries

Nrao - Blogs

Management Area Blogs - Migrating Management Knols to these Blogs

Management Theory Review

MBA Course Knowledge Centre

Industrial Engineering Review
History and Importance of the Day
Blogs for Entertainment Knols


My Subject Interests

My present teaching interests are:
Knols to support my teaching

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Knols Posted: 5000 (24.7.2011)
Page views: 3055 per day (peak), 2575 (average)

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Monthly page views crossed 100,000

One million cumulative page views crossed in Google Analytics stats.

Monthly visitors: 52,138 Historical record
Monthly Page views 74,660 Historical record

Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao

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I am going to register 2 million page views in adsense count by end of this month for my online articles in my blogs and on Knol.

Two Million Page View Online Article Author - April 2011

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Weekly Page View Record: 69,556  - 23.4.2011 (Global Number One for the week)
Cumulative Page views: 2,793,950


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Encouraging publication of unpublished Ph.d Thesis
 Knol Author Recruitment - Double the Number of Knol Authors

A public online publishing platform like knol requires large number of authors who write on diverse areas and topics. Existing authors have to participate in encouraging their intellectual neighbors to write for knol. If each author can recruit one author before 30th June 2009, the author base can double.
My Knol Projects

1. Management Knowledge Revision Knols

2. Industrial Engineering - An Important Human Engineering Discipline
I write on Industrial Engineering . My post graduation is in Industrial engineering.
I strongly believe that industrial engineering is a very useful discipline contributing to the improvement in productivity of each and every person and thus to his material well-being, comfort, safety and health. Industrial engineering is to be treated as one of the functional areas of management like marketing or finance. Like finance, whose activities spread into each and every department of an organization, industrial engineering also has application in the proceses and systems used in every function and engineers the work of persons employed in every department. Industrial engineering has enterprisewide responsibility.

According to me industrial engineering has two core areas:

Industrial engineers aspire to be systems engineers and they have reason to aspire for it as they already have specific roles in systems design and operation and they can take up leadership of systems design process. Hence industrial engineering programs have to teach systems engineering and emphasize the management dimension of systems design. According to me the management component of industrial engineering course must concentrate on management of industrial engineering department and function, systems design management and management of objectives of industrial engineering like productivity, operator comfort, safety, health and income, and operator related quality etc.
I collected my knols in the area of industrial engineering in the knol:
3. Investment Management
My doctoral work is on return on equity shares. My present teaching interests are in the areas Security analysis, mergers and acquisitions,  Issue of securities (Investment banking) and Management of securities market intermediaries.
Due to various reasons (Professional necessity) and interest, I studied and taught number of subjects in Natural Sciences,  Social Sciences, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Management and I plan to write about some of the issues in these subjects over a period of time. 
I write on many subjects from Accounting to Zoology, Both accounting and zoology are important subjects for industrial engineers. While,  I am writing on many subjects, my special expertise at post-doctoral level  is in long term investment methods and strategies. In rest of the subjects, I have academic qualifications as I took number of these subjects in my undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral courses.  I write revision articles in these subjects based on some standard text books. These articles are useful to me for  revising and updating my knowledge base and I believe, there are also useful to many for their revising and updating the knowledge in these subjects. Every knowledge worker needs to revise and update his knowledge. I hope my knols facilitate this activity to some extent.
My first knol was on Focus of Industrial Engineering. My contention is that focus of Industrial Engineering is efficiency - human efficiency and system efficiency. Functional design of systems is the job of other specialists and industrial engineers make the systems efficient both at the design stage as well as later as the system is in operation. The role of industrial engineers in systems design can be that way two fold - system efficiency design  and coordinating the system design process.

Current status of my Knol Projects  


Posted 4000 knols.
Posted 150 knol books. For these knol books around 1500 chapters are to be created.

(17th October 2010)

I posted more than 2960 knols so far.
The main theme of my knol portfolio is revision articles. 
My aim is to provide revision or review articles for graduates of industrial engineering and management so that they can refresh their knowledge periodically. My effort of writing articles in all the subjects of the curriculum is to demonstrate that by appropriate committed effort, we can retain our learning of multiple subjects over a long period of time.
Only when we retain a large number of principles and recollect them, we take decisions properly when the occasion comes. According to me we are all incurring a huge amount of cost of ignorance.
My advocacy is that knowledge workers have to make special efforts to retain, revise, refresh and update their knowledge.
I also made a directory of interesting knols and there are around 250 sub-directories supporting the main directory.
Security Analysis
 India - BSE Sensex Companies - Information and Equity Research
(This knol and related knols will provide information and equity research developed by my students in the subject as class assignments of their course(Jan-March 2009). This dissemination plan is as per my paper  "Independent Equity Research from Business Schools: A Possibility" published in AIMS International Journal on Management

Page Views of my Knol Portfolio

Highest page views per day: 3055 page views on 14.6.2011
(As per Google analytics data)

13.7.2011: 3602 knols, Collections 1267, Total: 4869
1.7.2011 Knols: 3516, Collections: 1227 Total: 4743, Monthly visitors 74,820

17.10.2010:  Number of knols posted 2960. Global author rank in page views: 4, Rank in number of articles posted 1 (Monthly visitors number crossed 36,000 and page view number crossed 51,000 in Google Analytics stats)

Page views on 9.6.2010: 1,151,848, Number of knols posted 2385. Global author rank in page views: 4, Rank in number of articles posted 1.
Page views on 15.4.2010: 1,001,112, Number of knols posted 2250. Global author rank in page views: 4, Rank in number of articles posted 1.
Page views on 26.1.2010: 7,20,000, weekly page views: 23,000, Number of knols posted 2002, Author rank in page views: 3, Rank in number of article 1.

Page views on 1.1.2010: 663,174; Global  Author rank in number of page views: 3, Rank in number of article 1.

Page views on 3.9.2009: 2,90,996; Author rank in number of page view: 4, Rank in number of article 1.
Page Views on 13.8.2009: 2,51,483; Present author rank in number of page views: 5; Rank in number of articles 1.
Page views on 31.7.2009: 2,30,443; Present rank in number of page views: 6; Rank in number of articles: 1
Page views on 19.6.2009: 1,54,529
My page views were 68,802 on 26th February 2009


Invitation to Visitors to get Involved

I look forward to contribution from the readers of my knols to improve them as required. Let us all utilize the wiki technology to create materials useful to us and our fellow professionals all over the world. I am intentionally creating number of open collaboration knols and moderated collaboration knols  to prompt visitors to get involved.

My Knol Directory

I am preparing a directory of my knols with subject classification to facilitate access.

The main subject directory is:

My Blog Directory

Contact Mail Id

My mail id for contact is kvssnrao50 at the rate

To further objective of research to practice dialogue, I started the pattern of giving relevant research papers yearwise in management concept knols. I request researchers and research scholars to add to the research papers and enrich the bibliography.

Management Concept Knol Directory aa-az


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