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Brainstorming in Knol Space.

Where a knol inspires another person to write a related knol expanding the knowledge of the original knol.



The Beginning.

My reply to the comment by Ms. Karin Kruijff in the context of knol debates has led to this knol.
Thank you Ms. Karin Kruijff.

You message made me think. I am posting this suggestion.

I suggested that the debate should ask authors to write knols on the issues and that the debate page must have a provision to show the link to such knols written in response to the opening knol of the debate.

There should be a moderator who goes through the comments and knols written on the debate topic and writes a summary knol. Such a summary knol could be forwarded to concerned decision makers as well as press for appropriate coverage. I think the knol community will get excited with such a format. I already went and made a request to my colleague who is a faculty in environment management to write a comment on subsidies to alternative energy projects.

Thank you once again for providing a direction to my thinking. I came out  earlier with the idea of mailstorming. Now we can say knolstorming. One knol leads to another knol that embodies the knowledge gained by the author so far but was consolidated into a knol because of another knol, that triggers the thought or points out the need for such a knol.


A knol instigates another person to write a new knol. Knols  are entities that have come out of people as knowledge capsules. The knoller has to dig into his brain, the internal knowledge bank as well as into his external knowledge bank to create a 'knolwedge' capsule, a knol that he can pass on to others.
The visitor has a choice. He can read one knol. If he still wants some more, he has more variety. So let us encourage knolstorming.

Knolstorming in Practice

The idea of knolstorming was documented by me in October 2008. Now I can share with you a very productive knolstorming output. I came across Mr. Kemper's knol Continued knol template in knol bulletin board. Immediately, it struck me that I can implement a management concept directory using that template. Even though I may be having an idea of management concept directory, the idea actually crystallized after visiting Continued knol template and now I have already put in place the framework for two directories and one branch of knowledge directory.

Knolstorming Illustrations

Original Knol:  Continued knol template

Knolstormed knols

Branches of Knowledge - (A to D) [Accounting to Dynamics of Machinery)

Branches of Knowledge - (E to H) [Ecology to Hydraulic Machinery]

Branches of Knowledge - (I to K)

Branches of Knowledge - (M to P)

Branches of Knowledge - (Q to T)

Branches of Knowledge - (U to Z)


I started writing the branches of knolwedge series of knols, to facilitate knolstorming. These knols will bring areas of knowledge into focus so that interested knol authors identify subjects for writing knols. In each subject knol, I am collecting the knols written so far on the subject, thus giving another view on the subject to knol authors. I am trying to collect a list of books and articles that knol authors can refer to in developing the new knol on the subject.  All the knols in the series are made open knols, so that we can develop these knols by adding bits and pieces at our convenience.

Original knol: 7 Tips To Raise Your Credit Score

Knolstormed knol: Cheer Leader - Agent - Broker - Relationship Manager - Customer Representative

Invitation to Readers.


This Is a Moderated Collaboration Knol. Please add or edit as you feel appropriate

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