Sunday, November 2, 2014

Earning Rs. 20,000 per Month through Blogging in India

Rs. 20,000 is a good income in India for part-time blogging. For retired people it is even good full time income. Many retired persons are getting around Rs.20,000 per month only as pensions and they are living happily with that income.

Therefore, if blogging can provide Rs.20,000 p.m. for large number of bloggers, it will become a good income earning hobby or extra-professional activity for good number of persons, who have the writing skills, content gathering skills, creativity and imagination to post interesting articles.

In India there are some professional bloggers with even six figure dollar incomes. But the emergence of large number of people with incomes around Rs.20,000 will sustain the social media platforms for along time to come. This sort of success seems to be happening in India.

Times of India, Pune edition carried an article on bloggers, who are still students but making good money by maintaining blogs and writing blog posts.

The article quoted, Neeti Mishra, Rahul Bansal, Shilpi Mitra, and Aditya Kulkarni as income earning bloggers from Pune.

Prolific posters stay at the top as bloggers.
Sheffield Hallam University Study

Rs. 48,000  Adsense income for March 2011

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