Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao - Professor, NITIE, Mumbai - Trainer for Total Industrial Engineering

Interested to offer weekend long-term training programme spread over 36 sessions over one year period in Total Industrial Engineering for companies close to Mumbai.

The training batch will have engineers and supervisors from design, production, maintenance,purchase and utilities apart from industrial engineers if employed in the organizations.

The topics covered

1. Value Engineering
2. Methods Efficiency Engineering (Process and Operation Analysis)
3. Motion Study
4. Ergonomics
5. Engineering Economics (Profitability Analysis of Engineering suggestions and redesigns)
6. Japanese Industrial Engineering Practices (Shiego Shingo's Way, Zero Defects and Zero Break downs, SMED, Toyota Production System and Lean System).

Two member teams will work on projects utilizing inputs from all others in the batch as well as in the factory. Thus around 12 projects will be done by a 25 member batch.

A set of 25 books including books having design and production data will be used for supporting  projects. These books have to be acquired by the company.  Also six books one for each subject will be prescribed for distribution to each trainee. Please send a mail to kvssnrao55 at the rate for further correspondence. The programme will undertaken under the NITIE Unit Based Programmes Stream. The company has to approach The Dean Programmes (NITIE) and initiate the process.

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