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The Knol of Wit and Wisdom

The Knol of Wit and Wisdom

The Knol of Wit and Wisdom

Wit and Wisdom for all to contribute and see

This open collaboration knol is an attempt for all to contribute their own piece of wisdom. Whether it is a recipe, a quote, or just a plain tip, your contribution will be displayed for all to see. Please type your first name next to your tip.

 Wise and witty, Knol is witsdom!

Recent Addition

  • "Always" and "never" are binary words that practically always I practically never use.
  • To be uncertainty averse is to be afraid or what we don't know what to be afraid of.

We not only under utilize our emotional intelligence, we pollute it. As a result personal human capital is misunderstood, misdeveloped and misused; and this affects all human behavior. As a result the brain speaks one language, the mind speaks another and much gets lost in translation.

Pure happiness is a litmus test of the pure self. If you do not have pure happiness then you do not have a pure self. Pure happiness is a symptom of your pure self. 

Trying to create pure happiness is the same as trying to create a pure life, a wise life. Pure happiness is an innate expression of the pure self. Learning to become wise boils down to learning to become happy. Selflessness being the key to wisdom means that selflessness is the key to pure happiness. Learning to become selfless is learning to become wise which generates wise behavior which produces pure happiness.

Fragrance is hard to define; yet there is a humongous perfume industry. Similarly wisdom is hard to define and man can develop an even bigger wisdom industry.
Man has not figured out wisdom but has a good understanding of its attributes; so he keeps seeking wisdom by trying to cultivate its attributes. It is like trying to cultivate the apple without the apple tree. By trying to create wisdom through cultivating its attributes man ends up creating neither.

We must wake up to the fact that we cannot define fragrance yet look at the fragrance industry! Why can't we do the same with the wisdom industry. Fragrance is a luxury while wisdom is not only an essential necessity; it brings with it health, wealth and happiness.

Transmitting knowledge is a fact similar to throwing a stone into the water: the greater weight or more content produced concentric circles that expand to reach a greater number of human beings.
If we read twice a book at second time or turn to watch a movie or a play and we have a different view of the previous time, it means that our knowledge has increased.
The knowledge is transmitted in different ways. Let’s use them to grow in wisdom.
Many people think they are smart if they know a lot of data but cannot connect it.
True intelligence is analyzing related data to decide correctly.

P V Ariel

Few Wisdom Quotes for this knol ‘The knol of wit and wisdom’
(Part I)   (An adaptation from the booklet Ruth)
Desperate choices are seldom the best choices.
Don’t expect time to stand still just because you do. More @
 DR. WOODROW KROLL’S QUOTES FROM ‘GIANTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT (Part II)   (An adaptation from the booklet Esther)
You may feel lonely, but you need never feel alone
A life empty of values is a life without value.
Tolerance is often championed by people who nothing to stand for.
Read more @
DR. WOODROW KROLL’S QUOTES FROM ‘GIANTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT (Part III)  (An adaptation from the booklet Lessons On Living From Elijah)
Others may fail you, but God never will.
When God closes a door, He always opens a window.
Actions are based on priorities and priorities are based on faith.
More @
DR. WOODROW KROLL’S QUOTES FROM ‘GIANTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT (Part IV)  (An adaptation from the booklet Jeremiah)
The God who know you best knows the best for you
Let the Guide of your youth be the Guide of your life.
The end is coming—and then what will you do?


  • You can do anything if you try your best. Oh, and have lots of money.
  • When in doubt, right-click and select "delete."
  • People tell you to believe in yourself. But what exactly about yourself do you need to believe in?
  • A Money Needer's Poem
    I need some money.
    Need it bad.
    Any way
    for it to be had?
    I know! I know!
    I've found a way.
    I'll write a book
    about writing a play!
    Think it through.
    Write it down.
    That's chapter one.
    I like this! I like this!
    It's becoming quite fun.
    Make a draft.
    There's chapter two.
    So fun! So fun!
    Break time, need the loo.
    Argh. This stuff is hard.
    Maybe I should rethink?
    I must try! I must try!
    Or get called a rat fink.
    Um, finish your play?
    Polish it up?
    I guess, here's chapter three.
    But now that I see it...
    That's quite enough for me.

Peter Greenfinch (via his clone, Confusioux)

About decisions and behavior

  • Always and never are binary words that practically always I practically never use.
  • Before making a decision, sleep over it, even if it makes you sleepless.
  • If you smile without any reason, some idiots will consider you as an idiot. It is a way to detect them.
  • Decide with your head, your heart, your guts, your feet. Or just ask your spouse.
  • Not to get fried, stay underground, potatoes tell us
  • Secret agents never talk, as they say.
  • Speculation is to decide according to how we see the future. Human beings do it all the time, which is why they differ from lettuces.
  • Pity the confusion of the mad chameleons that endlessly adapt their color to one another.
  • Boredom is a factory with two lines of products: wise ideas and silly impatient moves. When bored, press the right mental button!
  • Mistakes come from bad cognition (reasoning, memory), emotional biases (frights, desires)or automaticity (habit, reflex..). For a big mistake, better combine the three. 

About money

  • Inventing money gave birth to arithmetics, writing, and thus History. A small step for the purse, a big step for mankind!
  • Money is the Swiss army knife of the economy. Have it in your pocket, or have a bank carry it for you.
  • To cancel out the pain due to losing one euro you have to gain at least two euros (just paraphrasing the "prospect theory" from Nobel prize Daniel Kahneman).
  • Many consider that a problem that can be solved with money is not a problem (stolen).
  • A fool and his money get soon parted away (stolen also, not the money but the quote ;-))
  • Do deep pockets make smart? Or does smartness make deep pockets ? Science is still looking for a hint of any correlation.

About knowledge and uncertainty
  • The main obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance but the absence of doubts.
  • To kneel in front of generally accepted knowledge without asking questions is not knowledge but kneeledge
  • To have doubts about uncertainty is not enough to be certain
  • Better feel uncertain about certainties, as uncertainty is more certain.
  • To be uncertainty averse is to be afraid or what we don't know what to be afraid of.
  • All along your life you have to learn, which needs efforts, and sometimes to de-learn, which needs much more efforts.
  • Some people are trying to know what you think they think about what you think. This makes it a bit hard not to disappoint them.
  • As a personal hygiene, I don't leave my neurons be contaminated by favorite quotes. I prefer to invent my own platitudes. You are welcome to make this ...your favorite quote.
  • Kant found it hard to swallow all what was said about reason. Like me he expressed some criticism. But we worked separately and never took a beer together.
  • Wikipedia's motto is "An article about a topic should never be written by somebody who knows the topic, any expert should be burnt as "original". Knol's motto is "if you know something, don't hide it selfishly, just write a knol !"
About society
  • Globalization is the world becoming itself.
  • The human beings own society but society does not own the human beings 
  • A government supported by the poor might logically want to have more poors. It does not mean that one supported by the rich would want more rich people.
  • The day there are more politicians than citizens, the citizens will run the show, thanks to rarity.
  • Walking on the moon was a big step for mankind. To have all national days fall on the same day would be a bigger one.
  • Identity is the road to conformity. Nobody is identical to somebody else. Cloning will not change it.
  • To focus one's attention on one's roots should not go as far as thinking like a vegetable.
  • The purpose of an enclosed economy is to lead to an enclosed society in which the citizens close their mouth

About arts and sciences

  • Art without creation is dead beauty
  • Neither intelligent design nor survival of the fittest explains the existence of the taxpayer.
  • On planets that rotate fast and where the night fall any other second, strobe lamps sell like hot pies.
  • Strange that what is called space travel is done in vehicles that have no more space than a closet.
  • Bayesian probabilities tell, contrarily to the standard laws of randomness, and to a general opinion, that a dead cat cannot die again, even less seven times.
  • Buses are sausages of compressed human beings. Some of them fly and are called planes.
  • Intensive research in neuroeconomics has detected many behavioral biases. Expect that lawmakers declare similar research in neuropolitics politically incorrect.
  • Einstein thought that God does not play dice with the Universe. It is true that no cubic planets have ever been detected.

Minoo bhagia

  • What is better than presence of mind in a railway accident ? ----- Absence of body.
  • I wish he had at least half an eye so that I would have seen him eye to eye . I am very angry with a person who makes eyes and want to throw dust in his eyes and hang on him by the eyelids so that he minds his own eyes and does not set eyes on the apple of one's eye as in the eyes of law this is a crime.So better live with a friendly eye and do not view with a jealous eye.Be all eyes till you are up to the eyes.At times I can not make him open his eyes as his eyes are bigger than his bellies.This is nothing but all my eyes and Betty Martin so be out of eyeshot of my eyes and have an eye on who makes eyes as eye for eye is the only answer in my mind's eye.See him eye to eye and make him open his eyes and tell him to mind his own eyes.Do not just sit and put fingers in your eyes, be as clear as the eye of the day with an eye wash.
  • Who is asking a question which does no exist. He thinks he is Another Solomon.Keep on giving him pieces of your mind till it gives no sign of life.Do not give him ear otherwise it will be in his custody forever.Giving away body in pieces is a matter of give and take so do not give up.I would rather give the whole world to take back my ear which was given away just to give ground to clear the doubt whether the question exists or not and to answer my purpose after all it is my duty to answer to the door.Be all ears and please give ears to what I am saying.
  • Many people say money is immaterial to them but it becomes material once it comes to them.
  • All things are done by the finger of God then why is he teaching us where to keep our fingers , twist him round his fingers as if fingers are all thumbs.Do not let him slip through your fingers till he twists himself to the finger nails.Then look at his fingers, I am sure he is having finger itch at his finger tips to have a finger in every pie we have made.Take it easy and show him his way with your wet fingers.
  • Minoo Bhagia & Sajid Khan Just as MB said money is our 6th sense we can say that wisdom is our main sense!
  • Wit knol is rising bit by bit and at this stage we must all do our bits to accelerate it's speed.Cuddle your    brain a little bit or suck , pick one's brain , stick like a leech if you want to have bread and butter with Angela as she is bread and butter miss .Do you know which side of her bread is more buttered ? It is buttered on both sides.Come on do not just go blackberrying , do the best of your abilities. If all the contributors want to have party tonight wait a little bit.
  • Cultivate forgiveness and tolerance :)
  • Keep awake during discussion
  • Injure none
  • Pass no sarcastic remarks
  • Utter not harsh words
  • Make all happy
  • You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs so hit the nail on your head on it's nail as hard as nail and quite right as nail even if it is a hard nut to crack.Now you can see eye to eye whether you are a mad man or made man , do you have maggot's in your brain or it is full of grey matter.Are you -1 or +1, if you are below +2 you can sow some seeds of wisdom tree.That wasn't a nailed up drama but a naked truth that you really opened up the laboratory of your mind in a mad minute.
  • Heart should be in the right place to win one's heart.One should not have his heart in his mouth so that he can loose the heart easily.
  • Knowledge and understanding are the pith and marrow of the wisdom.
  • You are going to teach grandmother to suck the eggs ? She is already taking part in egg and spoon race.I am sure she is as full as an egg is of meat.the scene is definitely going to be all sausages and meat.This race is meat and drink for her.She is quite sure that egg is egg and spoon is spoon not basket.For god's sake take a fast hold of her by making it fast because fast people live fast and pass away fast like all eggs in one basket.What did you say ? you are still in egg.Make it fast because if she is faster than you then you will be as full as an egg.
  • Do not fall for her as it is considered as a fall of man.You should fall away from her and fall upon a fallen angel and let the world see it as a fall of the year.You can fall on her if your plan of falling on fallen angel has failed off.Put an end to this falling off business otherwise you will fall into falling sickness and whole world will say that you have fallen on evil times and you will come in the category of one who keeps on falling till he fails to fall. 

Anonymous (and for authors who would not like to disclose their names)

  • Money will not solve your problems; only you can do that

kalle schwarz

  • make money makes the world go down .
  • property is theft (quote (stolen)
  • people are naturally wired for pictures and stories .
    effective storytelling dramatically improves knowledge transfer [Ron Young]
  • looking for a "magic way" ? we are that magic way .
    discussion solves everything [Spiros Kakos]
  • remember that ideas and creativity can come from anywhere; it’s the development of the idea that makes it unique [Mark Hess]
  • we didn't come into this world hard wired to google . [Douglas McKee]
  • charisma -- start with, by gently caressing under the chin . [Kyriacos Kyprou]
  • each woman has more emotional intelligence than the wisest man .
  • happy mother, happy child . be happy to make others happy (for minoo) .
  • the more is already there, the easier you can increase it even more . (I hope this is true for this page too) 

Sajid Khan

I have a very clear path to a better world but I cannot do it alone. I am a theorist just like a script writer; who still needs the whole movie production team to make the movie. Are you with me?
I now have a very clear path to clean up much of the mess in the world today.
It is definitely due to the lack of our understanding what the mind is. The mind is the most important part of every human being. The fact that we have failed to define the mind has led to this lack of even trying to educate each mind to the +2 super mature level. The higher the intelligence and the emotional intelligence; the higher the mind. We have cutting edge subjects like math and science for developing intelligence and zero subjects for developing emotional intelligence. And herein lies the problem. The mind is powered by intelligence and emotional intelligence and so we have a highly developed professional intelligence while our emotional intelligence is left undeveloped. Fortunately many factors contribute to a small section of humanity developing their emotional intelligence to the super mature level. While the vast majority is left to a life of struggle due to a messed up emotional intelligence.
The Mind.
The mind is a super sense that is formed by a mixture of the five senses and is powered by intelligence and emotional intelligence. The mind is a process that is projected by the brain in the form of self consciousness. Self consciousness takes the input from the five senses and with the help of intelligence and emotional intelligence acts/reacts to navigate life. The mind is a projection of the brain which the brain uses to become self conscious. The brain physically synthesizes the input from the five senses and these together form the mixture/compound of the mind. The quality of the brain determines the quality of the mind.
The question is that it does not matter what the mind is; the question is is there a way to educate/make the mind super mature? The highest quality mind is powered by selflessness! And selflessness can be taught. Every mind can be made selfless! Thus every mind can be made +2 super mature!!!


I think that you need to look inside yourself for wisdom. You have to believe in yourself and understand yourself completely. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are: if you are comfortable with yourself you will be smart, no matter what the situation.

Wit, on the other hand, is something you learn. My wit stems from British comedies and farces and Early Modern dramas and comedies by Shakespeare, Fletcher and Beaumont and all the other great playwrights of that era. I think also that wit is an acquired taste -- you either like it or not!!!   

Sajid Khan

'The brain is the engine, while the car is the physical body of the human being where the mind is the driver of this car of life.'

It is very clear to me that wisdom is a compound where all its individual attributes/ingredients have in them all the other attributes of wisdom. Wisdom is an all entity where each attribute of wisdom is biochemically compounded to every other attribute of wisdom. They all come together in a single unit of wisdom. Each attribute boils down to wisdom. For example love also contains all the other attributes of wisdom like respect, caring, sacrifice etc. However the chief property that makes love pure is selflessness. Selfless love is pure love. Again selfless caring is wisdom. Selfless sacrifice is wisdom. All the attributes of wisdom are powered by selflessness. Each attribute boils down to selflessness; thus selflessness is wisdom. So it will not be wrong to figure out/assume that by creating selflessness we will be creating wisdom. Selflessness is the power that generates wisdom. In order to become wise one has to become selfless. Becoming selfless means being free of one's own self image/ego as far as possible. Selflessness is known, understood and definable within the paradigm of science! Selflessness can be taught as a pure science subject; just like math and science. Please google 'Self Image Therapy'. 
Fragrance is hard to define; yet there is a humongous perfume industry. Similarly wisdom is hard to define and man can develop an even bigger wisdom industry.
Man has not figured out wisdom but has a good understanding of its attributes; so he keeps seeking wisdom by trying to cultivate its attributes. It is like trying to cultivate the apple without the apple tree. By trying to create wisdom through cultivating its attributes man ends up creating neither.

We must wake up to the fact that we cannot define fragrance yet look at the fragrance industry! Why can't we do the same with the wisdom industry. Fragrance is a luxury while wisdom is not only an essential necessity; it brings with it health, wealth and happiness.
  • Wisdom determines the health, happiness and prosperity of the individual, group and country.
  • Wisdom is the ingredient that sweetens the pudding of life.
  • It is the source of our fundamental talent - the talent to become one's real self.)
  • Where ignorance leaves wisdom enters.
  • Understanding wisdom is harder than becoming wise.
  • Wisdom is the fragrance of the brain.
  • Wisdom is wisdom. It still requires learning the ropes of life to succeed.
  • Tiger Woods without practice is no Tiger Woods.
  • My biggest secret of life is the real me. Your biggest secret of life is the real you.
  • Those who uncover this secret become wise.
  • Wisdom has its limits. It cannot provide ultimate answers, it only provides the best possible answers.
  • Your best is always yet to come.
  • Tomorrow is not another day if you are going to keep repeating the same mistakes again and again. 
  • Love your neighbor for your own mental health.
  • Your best will always be the same until you actualize your true self.
  • To remove your mental miseries remove your emotional brain garbage.
  • I am the best and so are you.
  • It is wise to get rid of your self image.
  • You and your self image will always have a love hate relationship.
  • Your conscience is the real you.
  • The day you and your conscience become one that will be the day. { you were born for }
  • Peace is a fruit of the wisdom tree. You cannot cultivate peace without cultivating the wisdom tree.
  • All the attributes of wisdom are fruits of the wisdom tree. You cultivate one - the wisdom tree - and you cultivate them all.
  • You can try to cultivate the individual fruits without the tree but you will not succeed.
  • You cannot create a mango without the mango tree.
  • The wisdom tree is the key - the key to free will.
  • A squeaky clean brain grantees wisdom.
  • The best you can be is to become wise.
  • The day you understand the implications of winning a billion human race that day you understand your true potential.
  • Your true potential is the real you.
  • Your self image is your emotional boss.
  • Your self image blocks you from becoming wise.
  • Your self image can never make you truly happy, only the real you can.
  • Most humans are Greek to themselves. It need not be so.
  • You cannot say to some one to be truthful and honest while his brain continues to generate selfishness powered by electrochemical reactions. Asking or pleading with a physically and emotionally ignorant brain to stop generating the wrong electrochemical reactions is almost like telling a dirty bed sheet to clean itself! It will never happen.
  • Spiritual intelligence = wisdom =self mastery = +2 emotional intelligence. They are all one and the same entity. You cultivate one you cultivate them all.
       Time is an opportunity disguised as life. Life is an opportunity disguised as time.
       Contextual mindfulness is virtually getting into the mind set of your own self image from the inside out       as well as from an observer's outside in point of view, while at the same time being aware of performing this mind exercise to observe what the mind is observing and the images in parallel mirrors.
As FDR said 'The only thing you need to fear is fear itself'. I will take this statement one step further 'The only thing to fear is to fear the cause that creates fear - thus the only thing to fear is ignorance!'.

Ignorance is a symptom of an impure self just as wisdom is a symptom of the pure self.
'New knowledge is like a drop of fresh water that is
dropped into a glass full of old water.
The key to wisdom is to learn to remove the stale water and replace it with the fresh water'.


  • Aim for the stars. You may reach the moon.
  • Plan to achieve something in the future with what you have  in the present.
  • Make ten friends first. One may help you in time of your need. Friendship day wit and wisdom.
  • Philosopher does not mean possessor of wisdom. It means only lover of wisdom. - Will Durant.
    If mankind was not habitually non-violent, it would have been self-destroyed ages ago. - Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Good Plan is not enough Resilient Execution has to follow it
  • Doing something on your own is hard skill, acknowledging and appreciating achievements of others is soft skill.   Thought by KVSSNRao.
  • In the knol shopping mall, variety stores are flourishing and master's stores are languishing. Try to stock and sell what customers want. Knol Marathon Commentary
  • Success requires the ability to have enthusiasm to try again despite repeated failures. 
    Success is never final; failure is never fatal.
    Be nice to everybody on your way up. You are going to meet them on your way down.

Spiros Kakos

  • When the answer cannot be put into words, neither can the question be put into words. The riddle does not exist. If a question can be framed at all, it is also possible to answer it. Scepticism is not irrefutable, but obviously nonsensical, when it tries to raise doubts where no questions can be asked. For doubt can exist only where a question exists, a question only where an answer exists, and an answer only where something can be said. [Lugwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus]
  • One should absorb the colour of life, but one should never remember its details. Details are always vulgar. [Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray]
  • One's real life is often the life that one does not lead. [Oscar Wilde, L'Envoi, 1882]
  • Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. [Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892]
  • Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast. [Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband, 1893, Act I]

Vaidheeswaran S

  • In life, always keep a finger on escape key.
  • A good lecture, short enough to create interest and long enough to cover the subject like a skirt.
  • This too will pass away.
  • Quit smoking is very easy, I quit it many times.
  • People laugh because I'm different, I laugh because they're all the same.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Death is hereditary.
  • Infertility is non-hereditary
  • learn flawlessly Live by that learning thoroughly.  
  • A teacher teaches a lesson first and then takes the exam.
    Life takes the exam first, and then teaches a lesson
  • You are never looser until you quit trying 
  • i have no holiday because i have no working day

thomas wright sulcer

  • "The brain is the engine, while the car is the physical body of the human being where the mind is the driver of this car of life." -- according to Sajid Khan
  • "A good lecture, short enough to create interest and long enough to cover the subject like a skirt." -- according to Vaidheeswaran S
  • "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. -- according to Spiros Kakos, quoting Oscar Wilde
  •  "Philosopher does not mean possessor of wisdom. It means only lover of wisdom." -- according to
    KVSSNRao, quoting Will Durant
  • "Cultivate forgiveness and tolerance :)" -- according to Minoo bhagia
  • "To kneel in front of generally accepted knowledge without asking questions is not knowledge but kneeledge" -- according to Peter Greenfinch
  • "I don't know diddly squat" -- according to me :) (but I'm trying to learn!)



Completely i will say a propos this is chance by the side of just akin to that along with achieve drawn better /
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hi A,
I'm looking forward to the next picture of you
Kalle Schwarz - 10 Mar 2011

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"Wisdom is Supreme. Therefore, get Wisdom."

"Wisdom is understanding how to apply the eternal laws in your life." Cicero

"Wisdom is the discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good." Unknown

Peace of Mind in the New Year.
Douglas McKee - 31 Dec 2009

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A Bit Late But Happy

Hi All, I am bit late here, but so happy to participate with this knol, i just inserted some wisdom quotes, hope that it suits to the knol. would like to hear from you. Happy Knoling 2010
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So we might start that humor section but if we see that it brings just a collection of meaningless jokes (like French jokes about Belgians or vice versa ;-), we would have in my opinion to get back to the status quo ante.
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Yes, maybe we should put in subsections for humor and other categories?
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Life takes exam first - good one

Actually, we do not know when life is teaching us, allowing us to practice and when it is taking exam. We live by guessing or estimating the action of life.
Narayana Rao - 05 Nov 2009

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Vaidheeswaran S

Death is hereditary ? I am hearing this for the first time.
What do you mean by that ? you are talking as if death is a disease.
minoo bhagia - 31 Jul 2009
Wow ! no children for an infertile couple.Why didn't I thought of it....just brilliant !
keep it up.

Vaidheeswaran , why don't you write something in philosophy debate.I am the only person from India who is writing over there.You can also join if you want.
minoo bhagia - 31 Jul 2009
thank you.
infertility of a man or woman will not pass because no children for a infertile person. I put this because I felt this tells about death in a different prospective. If wrong tell me I will delete.
Vaidheeswaran Sivanesan - 30 Jul 2009
:) From T shirt ? must be 2BU T-shirt....
That means life is also hereditary , then why only infertility is non hereditary ? I have seen so many families where it is hereditary.
I liked your quote '' Quit smoking is very easy, I quit it many times.''
minoo bhagia - 30 Jul 2009
Thank you for your comment.
I feel this line gives the meaning that death is happening to everybody in the world generation by generation. No one is exception to death.
I got this line from a t-shirt quote.
And I formed one more line like this “infertility is non-hereditary”.
Vaidheeswaran Sivanesan - 29 Jul 2009

Angel (A)

Dear Angela , see what have you done...?
you made all ''sausages and meat '' of my posts.
''Who is asking a question ''..........was an answer to Spiros.. post and....'' twist around your fingers'' was an answer to Vaidheeswaran S....escape key. Now what to do ?
If you permit I can edit it tomorrow as I have lost all my ATP's thinking and writing in philosophy debate.
minoo bhagia - 27 Jul 2009
Okay !
minoo bhagia - 17 Jul 2009
Sorry, minoo! I was trying to organize it, because it's not supposed to be a forum or bulletin board like format, just a small quote or tip you have.
Anonymous - 17 Jul 2009

Removed myself as co-author - This is better

@all authors of this knol: I removed myself as a co-author from the Wit knol. This is because I think this knol is a very good and clever idea YOU had and because I write one sentence I do not deserve to be named a "co-author". Unfortunately I do not have the time to be a co-author to this knol (actually and to be honest I have little time to spend on my own knols...). But thanks anyway! I believe this is the more just thing to do. I will continue posting and supporting you in all the ways I can in this effort! Keep knoling!
Spiros Kakos - 16 Jul 2009
Thanks Spiros. I respect your decision, I was just trying to include all the members of the board. Anytime you want to come back, just let me know.

Anonymous - 16 Jul 2009

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Kalle Schwarz - 14 Jul 2009

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Andreas Kemper - 10 Jul 2009

Very clever idea

This Knol is a very clever idea! Good work people! Looking for more in the near future!
Spiros Kakos - 08 Jul 2009
Thank you Spiros!
Anonymous - 08 Jul 2009

Hope to see more

I hope this knol attracts more authors and visitors and we will have many one liners to enjoy as well as benefit from them.
Narayana Rao - 18 Jun 2009
Anonymous - 18 Jun 2009
Yes, this time it will go into my brain. Last time it did not register.
Narayana Rao - 17 Jun 2009
Ms. Angela, actually. Thanks for the compliment :)
Anonymous - 17 Jun 2009
Nice the knol is progressing and attracting authors. Mr. Angela is a creative person and came out with an interesting idea.
Narayana Rao - 17 Jun 2009
This is a great knol. I really like it.
Shane McGriever - 17 Jun 2009
Thank you for the comment!
Anonymous - 17 Jun 2009

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