Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wisdom - Knol Book

Wisdom - Knol Book - Suggestion to Mr. Sajid Khan

Wisdom - Knol Book - Suggestion to Mr. Sajid Khan


Mr. Sajid Khan,

You can create a knol book on wisdom. You had written number of knols on the topic. You can arrange them into chapter knol collections and all the knol collections can be assembled into a Knol Book. My initial idea for chapters would be:

Wisdom - The Traditional Thought

Wisdom - A New Explanation by Sajid Khan

Wise Society - The Concept

Wise Society - More Healthy and Happy Society

How to Make a Person a Wise and Societies Wise

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Governments

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Corporate Firms

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Religious Leaders

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Businessmen

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Parents

Wise Society Development - Agenda for Teachers and Institutions

Wise Society Development - Personal Initiatives and Coaching

Wise Society Development - The 4R Foundation Mission and Plan

While the above is a quick suggestion by me, You can modify them as you think fit and create a Knol Wisdom Tree - A Knol Book that will communicate your thoughts in a more organized way.

Thank you

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As always your guidance is very helpful.

Dear Prof. KVSS: Hari Om!

Thank you for your invaluable advice. Right now I have become busy with other stuff. Joining this new society as president makes me feel very powerful right here in New York. Even more powerful than I felt way back as a prince and clan leader in India.
Sajid Khan - 15 Aug 2011


  1. Dear KVSS:
    You have been a great mentor and guide all these years. Your current suggestion is invaluable. The whole concept of wisdom has become very clear to me. My latest press release will explain:

    The above knol explains the difference between my approach and of the rest like Deepak Chopra, Daniel Goleman etc. They all talk about 7/9 steps to having wisdom and I show why it is all about one step of becoming wisdom.

    They all talk of brain washing and I talk of brain purifying through physically changing the brain.

    My latest press release explains it further:

    Thank you for all your advice. I will have to follow it soon.

    I have resigned from the president-ship of the club. I am focused on the movie.

    Kader Khan has agreed to write the script.

  2. It is nice that Kader Khan agreed to write the script. He is a very successful writer in the Hindi film industry.

    Best wishes for the project.