Monday, April 21, 2014

100 and More Ways to Motivate Yourself

Well I came across a Google Book and I can flip through many pages.

I came across the page as I am searching for the statement using Google search "No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking" by Voltaire.

The suggestions are interesting

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

I am trying to compile 100 ideas myself.

1. Have an exciting vision
2. Visualize that you succeeded in achieving the vision.
3. Make a plan to reach the vision
4. Think of adventure. Don't fear failure
5. Think you found a key that is going open the door to success.
6. If you achieved what you planned move your goal post.
7. Think of using all your faculties
8. Think of playing the character you adore.
9. Think of enjoying yourself. Get excited to feel happy.
10. Forget your past failure. Think of them as stepping stones to success now. You will succeed now as you learnt many things from your failures.
11. Perform you will be happy.
12. Feel your are also Einstein- Great ideas can come to you also.
13. Remember your successes and feel  good to do more.
14. Accept will power. If you want to do it you can do it.
15. Help people and grow rich in the amount of help you provided others.
16. Become curious. Explore some thing.
17. Talk to yourself and encourage yourself
18. Believe in your comeback to do a thing right. Forget the failed attempt.
19. All your right brain to provide positive thoughts.
20. Finish things and feel happy. Let tasks flow to completion. They provide motivation.
21. Plan to achieve small goals every day. They become big achievements cumulatively.
22. Advertise to yourself your projects.
23. Remembers the stories of heroes. They will inspire you.
24. Perform rituals. Once you start they just happen and let you do what you plan to do.
25. Try to talk to your best friends about your plans. They encourage you and you will feel motivated.
26. Become the change. Don't worry about others. Whenever you want a change in the situation, you change yourself.
27. Do things up to the point of failure. Failure of the point of stopping and it strengthens your success muscles.
28. Do rehearsals and it will help you to succeed in the real drama.
29. Respect your knowledge and increase it.
30. Enjoy the fragrance of your success. Celebrate successes with flowers that give fragrance.
31. Don't worry about two steps forward and one step backward. You are still one step ahead.
32. Think of your past success through a specific way. Try it now again.
33. Remember. Only one in ten will listen to you. Keep telling many to get what you want.
34. Only one in ten will help when you want. Keep helping more people.

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  1. Think of your past success through a specific way. Try it now again.

    I got good success earlier by sending number of mails to professors for comments on my article. I am trying to replicate it now for getting participants to my training program - Becoming Lean Enterprise. Good to read what you have written long back.