Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Promotion - 100 ways

Came across the article - 50 ways to promote and market your blog posts. There may not be anything special in the post but it shows, a blogger with the desire to have good audience cannot just post and forget about it. He has to use multiple online and offline channels to promote his blog and blog posts.

2. Twitter
3. Google+
5. Stumble upon
6. Linkedin
         Home page post
7. Scoop it
8. Forum discussions
9. Triberr
10. Pligg
11. Slideshare
12. SEO
13. Comments on Others' blog posts
14. Ezine
15. Signature in your Email
16. YouTube video
17. Instagram
18. Press release
19. Fiverr
20. Webinar
21. Emails

Yes 50 are in this article itself. 50 more will also be there.
I just wrote the above line.
Now I came across the article 99 ways to promote your blog

See the infographic - 120 ways to market your blog

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