Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blogger Making $1000 per Month on 165 visitors per Day

The blogger claimed that he made $1000 a month from affiliate income. He wrote:

 I was able to increase my overall website traffic by 55%, particularly search engine traffic.

In the last 12 months the blog has managed to attract a cool 61,073 sessions (previous year 23,676), and 96,179 page views (previous year 41,267).

On average Magnet4Blogging has been getting 165 visits per day.

Gross Total Affiliate Marketing Income – $6,497.88

Blog Services

Website Design & Branding – $6,699.79

Gross Total Blog Income For 2016 (October to October – financial year) – $13,197.17

In July I earned $1,114.91 from affiliate marketing, which was truly awesome.

I also reached 1,000 email subscribers to this blog last month as well.

From my experience with blogging, it is a big  affiliate marketing  income. Bloggers have to know the ways of making money from affiliate marketing also apart from adsense. Adsense gives very little income as the income of magnet4blogging shows.

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