Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 19. Blog Promotion in Linkedin Communities

Have you visited your Linked communities this month?

Linkedin Groups that I participate

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

F.W. Taylor improved machines and manufacturing processes. Taylor improved boiler maintenance process also. He improved human processes. Taylor redesigned management processes. All these contributions of Taylor are in the area of productivity improvement. What are the recent management processes modified by industrial engineers to improve productivity?
The activity of redesigning management processes for increasing productivity is management process industrial engineering.
Management Process Industrial Engineering - Management Process Productivity Reengineering
Please share your experience of redesigning management processes to increase productivity.

NITIE Alumni Association

Sitewide Moderation Poliy in Linkedin

Promoting blogs in Linkedin is very productive. This is because communities are very specialized and are build to promote professional discussions. But there is the problem of site wide moderation policy. For the last two or three days I could not post in any Linkedin community. This is the first time I am totally blocked. I know some thing about this practice on Linkedin. But not full details. Today I am trying to find out more and write about it.

Moderation of Your Posts in Groups

28 April 2014
LinkedIn Ruckus Redux: Site-Wide Moderation Policy (Quietly) Evolves

Jan 15, 2014
How To Avoid LinkedIn’s Site Wide Automatic Moderation

July 2013
The Problem With LinkedIn Groups

Updated 19 March 2017, 18 March 2016

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