Friday, March 25, 2016

March 26.Blog Promotion - Make posts in your Linkedin Communities

What is the benefit of a schedule made for the year. It may discipline you. It will force you do something as per the plan. Otherwise you are likely to ignore or do something as comes to your mind. But if you made a plan beforehand, some right things keep coming up before you and force you to do them and therefore stick to the plan and expected benefits.

Today is the day for Linked Community posting. I am trying postpone something for the next week as I am have to attend to some other activities. But as I saw this, I have to do it now. Let me do it first and then make further posting.

Yes I completed the action and posted the message.

April 1st Week - MBA Management Knowledge Revision

Linkedin and the related FaceBook community are supporting my initiative in an unprecedented way. So once I saw the planned event, Make Posts in Linkedin Communities I could not postpone the activity. I am busy for the next week. But I did the posting to cover the next week. Thnaks for the preplanning.

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