Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 22. Blog Promotion - Inform an Email Group/Contacts about your recent blog posts

Good to follow a schedule. You can do other promotion activities. But do a scheduled activity.


Sent email about this blog post.

Product Industrial Engineering

22 March - Bollywood Hindi Hit Film NRUTube Video Theater


I am today spending time in visiting blogs of participants in A to Z Challenge. This time I want to visit all blogs participating in the challenge at the rate of 5 per day minimum. It will take around 200 days. But I want to do it. I participated in two years earlier. But I could not visit many blogs. This time I already completed my posts and scheduled them. So I am more prepared to do the reading part.

Today I sent a mail already on my popular post on 20 March

Frederick Winslow Taylor - A Pioneer Industrial Engineer

I made two more posts on F.W. Taylor's books. I need to keep the momentum going and recommend reading of the full book in article length posts that I made.

I also initiated discussions on Blog Promotion. I hope to learn something from various blog communities.

How to Increase Engagement with Your Brand?

Blog Production and Marketing -

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