Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Go Once in a While to Others' Blogs and Know What They Are Doing in Innovative Way

April 8 Post

If you are blogger, you need to read and comment on others blogs. It is a standard advice to get back links form blogs. While it is necessary for blogging as a channel to survive that bloggers like others' blogs also. It means that blogs must have utility to readers. If they have utility to readers they must have utility to bloggers also. So bloggers have to really learn from other blogs.

Try to visit blogs of others whenever an opportunity or needs comes for learning. Also prefer a blog in Google search results.

As a blogger, try to see what other bloggers are doing in innovative ways to increase the appeal of their blog.

Comment appropriately whenever the occasion arises. One blogger advised that don't worry always about leaving the link. You name is attached to your profile. Hence if you make a comment that is interesting people do check your profile.

I am trying to visit as many A to Z blogs as possible. While the first visit may be a quick one, I am keeping a record of all blogs visited so that I can go back more leisurely in the next one year and learn many things from their blogs. I definitely learned some things in my visits this month so far and I implemented them in my blog.

Happy Blogging and Successful Blog Promotion.

31 May 2016
Today I came across a list of best Indian Blogs


I plan to go through all blogs and see what is special about them.

My twitter account  @knoltweet    https://twitter.com/knoltweet   Follow me and I shall follow back and we can continue the AtoZ relationship on Twitter.

It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
NRao Blogs - 2016 A to Z Challenge Blog Posts

Basic Understanding of Basics of Marketing will make you a better marketer of your blog.

Updated  31 May 2016,  7 April 2016

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