Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Notify Your Blog Posts in Social Media

It is nobrainer for any blogger. As a part of promotion you have notify in social media platforms. Many of them allow you and are created for digital talk. We are also seeing good response to social media messages. Big personalities of various fields are present on social media and you get an occasion to reply to their messages and indicate your blog posts as having some answer to the question that they are posing. I find my tweets given as answers to the tweets of big names getting 500 views. My own tweets may not be getting big number of views. But a tweet given as a reply gets many more tweets. That same thing may be happening on other platforms.

Hence participating in long discussions on a topic of relevance to your blog post can be beneficial to your blog promotion activity. Recently a blogger wrote the same in commenting on blogs. Don't think that you have compulsively drop your blog link in every message of yours. Participate in the conversation and wait for the right opportunity to indicate your blog post. Then you get maximum benefit for your promotion effort.

Curated newsletters can be a good vehicle for notifying your latest blog posts to your email subscribers.

Asking Twitter users to please RT increases the chances of your post link getting shared.

It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
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