Saturday, May 28, 2016

God - The Concept

I feel there is God who is not visible as a very great energy or power. Also all people and animals and even trees who/which are visible to us are also God. When we pray we pray to invisible God as well as Visible manifestations of God. Together they help each of us in our life as well as in after life.

The invisible God as a great manifestation of energy and power and he is not diminished in any way by the great creation for which he is responsible. Every thing in creation is a small portion that came out of God and covered with nature created by him only. We believe the game is to go back to him. Every thing in nature is trying to go back to him but is prevented by nature. The effort is to break free of the nature. That is where asceticism comes. Acting against the normal nature. Doing fasting, being celibate and shunning all comforts which a normal persons seeks in life that is run according to the animal nature or normal nature of a living being.

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