Friday, June 24, 2016

Kinship and Tribes in Social Media Communities - Develop Them

The title is to tell you that relationships exist in social media communities. Bloggers have to establish relations. It comes when somebody likes your posts and gets into conversation with you or you like somebody's posts and develop the conversation. Either way interaction and conversation develops relationship. There are persons in social media who develop huge followings. They develop tribes a term popularised by Seth Godin. He even wrote a book on it.

So every blogger needs to try and build a tribe. Is it easy? No, You have to know by trial and error, methods and techniques wherein you are successful and not so successful. You will continue investing in methods that give success to you. But you have to be aware of all methods and try many of them as you have time at your disposal.

A tweet on 24 June 2016

A relationship often begins with a simple retweet!

The relationships can begin with a comment, like and share.  Get into helping other bloggers and developing relationships and networks. They will help you when you write good and great posts.

I followed Jason's advice today. Went through my Twitter feed and made number of retweets. Benefit I got 10 new relationships. So it has some success probability. Try and enlarge your online contact network.

26 June 2016

Retweets and Hashtag shares have increased the twitter contacts by 25 in the last two days. The number now is 2,376.

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  1. I'm now exploring that, it is difficult, there are many experts, that I doubt are. LOL I'm learning!

    1. Thank you for the comment. I suddenly became busy with my official work and I have to deliver an important lecture on Saturday on the recent trends in my area. The posts are appearing as I scheduled them earlier. Your comment brought me back to this blog. Thank you.