Friday, June 24, 2016

Offer Your Comments to the Tweets of People You Follow.

April 18

This activity is essentially going through the tweets of persons you are following establishing a relation with them through conversation. Force yourself on a day to go through your twitter feed. Allocate time and spend that time in going through and giving comments. You are likely to get replies and give reply to them. Your kinship ties develop that way.

I shall try it for few days from today (20 March 2016) and let you know the response.

I tried it on 20 June 2016. Liked two tweets. Included the links given in the tweet  in my blog posts. Informed them. Let me see what is the response.

26 June 2016

The comments can offer them a relevant blog post of your in response to the topic they are tweeting about. Sometimes it can be answer to a question that they asked? At other times it is relevant to the topic they are highlighting. I sent many replies to tweets with my blog post links. I got many times good responses on Twitter platform for my comment type tweets.  Now I am actively trying use of hash tags. This gives a good opportunity to give comments on tweets located through hash tag based search. Giving comments on hash tag feeds is more easy because your are involved in the hash tag topic.

It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
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