Sunday, June 26, 2016

5 Years of Blogging - 5 Million Hits - Page Views

26 June 2016

Happy to note today that I got more than 5 million hits to my blogs started after 2011 (After the closure of Knol). I would like to 10 million hits to my credit. may be another 5 years are required to reach that milestone. I am keeping my blogging on and doing it more effectively. I can cut down on quantity now and focus more on rich content and active social media participation regarding my blog posts. I can help fellow bloggers and communities better by concentrating more on interaction and less on blog writing.

Details of 5 million hits

India - Information 1335322
NRao - Knols 3694
Industrial Engineering Knowledge 539439
NRao Blogs 116856
The History of India 70310
Hindi Films and Songs 353641
Learn Languages 32177
Computer Science 111200
Management Theory Review - Research 16522
National and International Days 36545
Retirement and Old Age Issues 1246
Management Theory Review 1687305
MBA Course Knowledge Center 383527
Science Knowledge Center 3645
Telugu Web - Internet Content 21326
MBA - India Specific Knowledge Center 89243
Blog Books - Online Textbooks - Catalogue 205162
Ph.d Research Methodology  53664
Engineering Management Knowledge Center 32842
Total 5093666



The additional blogs have cumulative hits of 682596.

I have to further make a count of  IIT JEE Group of Blogs. My blogs are in distributed places as they are on specific topics and sometimes I shifted to another group of blogs for posting convenience.

the total now comes to 7111573.

I have to find out knol hits.  On Knol, my articles had at least 3 million page views. It is 3.7 million page views as per a document.
Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. - Two Million Page View Online Article Author - April 2011

Thus the total comes to 10 million hits in 10 years. I am very happy.

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