Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Million Hits - 10 Years of Blogging and Knolling

10 Million Hits registered in 10 Years of Blogging and Knolling.

Thanks to all contacts in various social media forums and readers and search engine managers.

Started blogging in 2006.

5 Years of Post Knol Blogging - 5 Million Hits - Page Views

Details of 5 million hits

India - Information1335322
NRao - Knols3694
Industrial Engineering Knowledge539439
NRao Blogs116856
The History of India70310
Hindi Films and Songs353641
Learn Languages32177
Computer Science111200
Management Theory Review - Research16522
National and International Days36545
Retirement and Old Age Issues1246
Management Theory Review1687305
MBA Course Knowledge Center383527
Science Knowledge Center3645
Telugu Web - Internet Content21326
MBA - India Specific Knowledge Center89243
Blog Books - Online Textbooks - Catalogue205162
Ph.d Research Methodology 53664
Engineering Management Knowledge Center32842



The additional blogs have cumulative hits of 682596.

I have to further make a count of  IIT JEE Group of Blogs. My blogs are in distributed places as they are on specific topics and sometimes I shifted to another group of blogs for posting convenience.

The total now comes to 7111573.

Global Number One Individual English Knol Author

The Knol hit count is 3.7 million recorded. Adding the blog hits that happened before the blogger started its counter the total comes to 10 million.

Sharing the experience of many bloggers in promotion of blogs

A to Z of Blog Promotion and Marketing

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