Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Energize Your Google+ Community - A Blog Promotion Activity

Can you provide energy to your Google+ community.

What is energizing? Your actions and messages encourage more activity among the community participants. As an example, I can tell you on 19 March 2016,  I saw the Twitter message  of an A to Z challenge participant. It was written all my A to Z posts are completed. I said congratulations. I shall also write some more posts. Hence this post I am writing early and scheduling it to appear on 6th April.

Try to provide some messages to the community that spur more members into action. They will remember you for a long time and if you inform them of a relevant post they will certainly have a look at it.  Don't always look for only sharing your blog post. Think how you can make the community active and serve the members of the community better.

Now I feel Blogger communities have to monitor the value they are providing to the society or readers and the number of page views may be metric that should be monitored by the communties. You need to involve all members in this goal.

I monitor the cumulative visits to my A to Z blog posts. I want all blogger to monitor the same and take steps to increase the same.

Cumulative Visits for A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2016 Posts  - 1569  on April 6, 2016,  1569

In the A to Z community, I feel participant bloggers can follow mutually on twitter and thus establish a longer relationship. I am trying promote the idea. Can I do it successfully? Let me see.

The same way, participant bloggers can follow on Google+ also. I just changed my profile on Google+ and Twitter. Added the identification that I am A to Z Participant.

My twitter account  @knoltweet   Follow me and I shall follow back and we can continue the AtoZ relationship on Twitter.

It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
NRao Blogs - 2016 A to Z Challenge Blog Posts

Basic Understanding of Basics of Marketing will make you a better marketer of your blog.

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