Monday, April 11, 2016

Journalise Your Involvement in Linked Communties

12 April Post

Write a diary sort of thing on what you are doing in various social media communities. Yesterday (19 March 2016) I visited an A to Z challenge participant blog and found that he wrote a post on his social media experience of the previous week. It is an interesting read. That is a good way of keeping a journal on your social media activity. It will force you to participate more. Highlight the messages of other people. Talk of the community on your blog. I feel I learned from the blog I visited. I already mentioned the blog in one of posts in this blog only.

Linkedin communities provide rich material for journalising and thereby providing something of value to the professionals involved in the area related to the community.

I am yet to do this seriously myself. But action follows thought or knowledge. First we need to think of it. Decide to do. And then action follows. You can evaluate whether it is giving desired result.

Plan, Do, Act, Measure, Improve, Increase or Abandon

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