Friday, April 29, 2016

Yorker - What is it in Blog Promotion?

29 April

I am using yorker in the sense of a cricket ball bowled and one that gets wickets more often as it is difficult to hit it or defend it if one has not anticipated it.  It is a difficult ball to bowl and many times attempted yorkers become full tosses which batsmen can hit very easily.

So I mean by writing this post in response to A to Z challenge, Yorker is a message that you write in a conversation that forces people to read it compulsorily before participating further in the conversation. So if you can write a yorker message, you are sure to get readers for your blog post.
Can you think of some messages of this sort and write in the comments.

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It is an A to Z Challenge Blog Post
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  1. I believe your post is a yorker, LOL!

    Hm. An example of a yorker...maybe like a hook sentence? I'll give the first sentence of my book Wilder Mage as a example:
    The earthquake wasn't his fault. Not this time.

    Or how: Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.

    CD Coffelt at UnicornBell