Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zeal Required in Blogging to Make it a Success

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I completed 10 years of blogging.  The top 2 blogs are million page view blog. Industrial Engineering blog has 500,000+ views. Hindi Films blog is reaching 400,000 page hits. What is the responsible for the 10 years of continuous efforts and success of blogs. The first support of readers from various parts of the world. The second is the happiness and sense of fulfillment that I feel due to this activity. I would say this is zeal.

Zeal is dedication or enthusiasm for something.

If you have zeal, you're willing, energized, and motivated.

Zeal is often used in a religious sense, meaning devotion to God or another religious cause, like being a missionary.

A feeling of gusto and enthusiasm for anything can be called zeal.

If you have passion for something, you have zeal, which is kind of a mix of eagerness and energy and devotion.

So zeal is required in blogging to make it a success. Once a famous actor said it is fans who keep an actor going. As some readers are coming to your blog, you get interest to write more. Writing and readers visiting creates a spiral to keep the blog going and going. You realize that you are helping some people to get some knowledge or useful information. Especially when the readers come in good numbers from all over the world, you feel more fulfilled and keep writing.

Believe in your ability to find out useful things to write about, and your ability to write readable pieces. Then share the writing among your friends and relatives for the initial support and suggestions. You are likely to get readers in due course and also learn few tips. Practice them diligently and you will blog during your entire lifetime. Yes good times will come and your articles can be the source of knowledge for many. Be happy when some people use the knowledge that you shared.  If digital media is not there, you would not have had this opportunity.

I encourage all my near and dear to blog and share.

Happy Blogging and Successful Blog Promotion.

 I created this blog post on International Day of Happiness (20 March) and scheduled it for 30th April.

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  1. Zeal is always a good thing to have in order to get things accomplished. :-) Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  2. Definitely need zeal to get through A to Z. Congrats on making it to the end.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity and Unicorn Bell