Thursday, December 15, 2011

Backlinks: Distribution and Marketing Outlets to Your Blogs and Online Articles

I am an online author with 100,000+ page views per month.

I realized the importance of backlinks when I read a hub by ryankett. He mentioned that he makes at least three book marks on social book marking sites and one on his person blog. He also gives twitter messages and makes sure that tags are there. (How to get 100,000 visitors per Month ). I captured the advice in the knol and am informing knol authors about it. I started giving twitter messages regularly.

Embedding a Knol in my Blogs


I embedded the knol Knol Books Catalogue in my blogs yesterday (20.2.2011). My blogs are popular with around 500 page views per day. Today morning my analytics showed that there 103 visits in 18 hours. This is the first time I am observing the strong power of backlinks myself. If the information that you are providing is interesting backlinks work as distribution outlet for your online articles and blogposts. So the idea of my knol collection is well illustrated by this incident.

(Backlinks: Distribution and Marketing Outlets to Your Knols ) .


I get 100+ page views for my embedded knol every day.

To read number of articles on backlinks on Knol visit

Updated 5.1.2012

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